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Disney World Shops with Customized Candy Options

Snacks are everywhere at Walt Disney World! It’s awesome to know that depending on your mood, there’s a chance that you could be in store for a candy apple, rice crispy treat or anything in between.

Out of the hundreds of retail locations, there are a few hidden gems that have you covered for something a little more special!

Disney World Shops with Customized Candy Options


Sprinkles Cupcakes are mostly known for their awesome treats and the Cupcake ATM. That being said, they have some hidden customizable options on their menu that you can get specifically for your mood.

Under ‘accessories’ is something that you may miss…I’m talking about the frosting shots! YES!!! They have these:) Best couple bucks that I’ve ever invested for a quick pick-me-up when you don’t necessarily need an entire cupcake.


One of my favorite spots to hit up at Disney Springs is Goofy’s Candy Co! It’s a hidden gem for all things sweet n delectable, and when you put in the fact that they do all-out customizable treats…even better!

The order form is pretty standard, but the options really are limitless! If you’ve gotten one of these treats, make sure to tag us on instagram @StepstoMagic! #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue 🙂


Werthers’ store in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT is home to hand-crafted artisanal treats that give you a level of appreciation that almost requires you to stand and stare! Less about the individual customization and more in the category of “yes please” if you’re a caramel popcorn fan!

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Keep in mind that dining and food options are constantly evolving, so although there are things that I wanted to list but just aren’t available anymore.

Candy Miyuki, who was an amezaiku artist who performed in the Japan Pavilion from 1996 to November 2013, was an amazing part of the World Showcase experience. I had a chance to see her show her craft many times during my contract and subsequent vacations after, and although she isn’t performing any longer…it’s important to end with an acknowledgement.

When this topic was suggested for a discussion, my wheels started to turn and the idea of customization at Walt Disney World was just too much fun to pass up.

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