The Most Authentic Disney World Experiences

“Authentic Disney World” is more than something that you see on a T-Shirt…it’s a thought-process that begins with the framework instilled from the ground up.

Everyone who works on the attraction, from the Imagineers to the Cast Members, the day-to-day operations that look after behind the scenes…and finally gets passed down to the Guests. We know what it looks like when you’re looking for it…


When you turn the corner from Fantasyland into Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion comes into view…it’s the thing of legends. The soundtrack, the Cast Members and the ambiance are all part of an experience that has been built up so much in our minds that I’ve actually seen folks start to shed tears when they see it for the first time.

What makes it Authentic? It’s quite simply the attraction that has so many things working together that you will constantly find new hidden gems each time that you ride it. As the company continues to put funds towards the “plus-ing” of the experience, the story evolves and gets more impactful.

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There’s nothing more “authentic” than taking a step through the path of Walt Disney, the actual man. From the original filming methods of classic Disney projects to Disneyland, there’s a huge assortment of treasures for everyone to enjoy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


After eating at Victoria & Albert’s twice in a span of six months, I’ve completely fallen head over heels for this location. Not only do you get a dining experience that you’ll never forget, but the attention to detail is mindblowing.

What makes it Authentic? The cast members are what really make this experience! They all want you to create the best dining atmosphere that they can. Yes, you’re paying for quality, but the buy-in is evident from the top down.

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As a former Cast Member, I had booked the tour in hopes of sharing my passion of theme parks  with my partner.

This was more than a basic walking tour, as it didn’t feel scripted and the guides are as thankful to facilitate the experience as you are to be on a tour dedicated to the in’s and out’s of the Magic Kingdom.

What makes it Authentic? Have you ever been with folks who just…get it? Well Keys to the Kingdom attracts the guests and cast members who are interested in taking in the Disney Details in real life. People go into the tour thinking that the highlight is seeing The Utilidors, where in the end it’s so much more than seeing a single piece of the puzzle.


I was trying to come up with a specific experience or location, but the authentic feeling that you get when you’re walking around the World Showcase is all around. Granted, there are individual spots that make you remember that you’re in the middle of a thriving business…but then you take a step back and look at the details that were present in the original plans for EPCOT Center from Walt Disney’s mind.

What makes it Authentic? The Cast Members from the countries of the World Showcase are from the countries that they represent. The merchandise, the food and the attractions that bring the ideas to reality are more than a basic stereotype and for that…it’s truly authentic Disney. Can it be better? Absolutely, but I’ll always think that until we get some BeaverTails in the Canadian Pavilion;)

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One of the most authentic Disney experiences that come to mind are the artisan products that are made right in front of you. The skill and craftsmanship of the cast members who bring glass blowing to life…definitely something to admire and support!

You may not be able to place the name with the in-park experience, but they’ve got an impressive collection of pieces on their official website as well as over at ShopDisney!

I’ll be adding more to this list, because it’s a fun concept to play with! “Authentic” is a term within the theme parks that needs to be more prevalent, so this will hopefully shed light to the practice.

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