Top 6 Apps to Beat Homesickness on Vacation

Getting homesick while on vacation can be a bummer, but there’s technology available to help get through it.

Functional Apps


Hop on a Zoom call to see what’s going on back home. From family to friends and everyone in between, it’s easier now to connect with your community via wifi than before when it was only with collect calls.


The Ring app lets you see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere. If you’re thinking about security for your front door, pick up the Ring camera from your local store (or amazon) before heading on vacation and you’ll be able to see what’s going on at home.

Download Ring


When we’re on vacation, we tend to have family and friends look after our pet. If everyone is busy or we need to get help, there are pet sitters that will be able to look after your pets without having to board them. The easiest way is through the use of an app like Voxer, which allows the pet sitter to upload photos, videos and text/voice messages to an account and then when you’re attached to a wifi signal…everything gets delivered.

We absolutely fell in love with this app while on a Disney World vacation, because we’d sit down for a meal and have a slew of cat photos from our pet sitter just waiting for us. Definitely worth checking out!

Download Voxer

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Social Apps


I know that the need to stay “connected” with your home would make you follow too many news outlets, but here’s the trick. Find a few sources of local tips and stuff, without paying too much attention to the negative stories and you’ll be fine.


You’re going to be on it anyway, so why not follow a few local creators? If you’re afraid of being too homesick…follow dog accounts from your neighbourhood!


Nothing will take you away from a vacation and put back in reality than a couple swipes on Facebook.

Hope that this was helpful! If you think we should add anything to this article, just send me a DM over on!

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