The Worst Disney Experiences if you Wear Glasses

If you see me in photos, you’ll notice something….I’m rarely in glasses. I’m actually colorblind (#FunFact), so the only time I wear glasses is when I’m feeling blah or when I’m spending a lot of time in front of a computer.

This article isn’t really designed for people like me, because I have the ability to take my glasses off and still function fairly easily in many situations.

That being said, there are many folks (my partner included) who wear glasses because without them – they can’t see! This article will be a resource which I will continue to update through consultation of friends and family members, so please don’t shoot the messenger;)

I’ll separate things into three categories:

  1. Roller Coasters
  2. 3D Glasses
  3. Photopass

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This is probably the most common category, so let’s go straight into it.

Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
“I can see literally nothing. I get it that it’s in the dark, but I can’t see any of the theming and I can’t see what’s coming.” – Jill’s quote

This indoor coaster goes 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds in the dark. I’ve heard of some folks who have gone on this experience with glasses and had no issues, but it’s important to realize that the speed is such an integral part of the ride that it can be a factor when you’re thinking about whether or not to ride with or without your glasses.

Expedition Everest
“Whenever a ride says that you should secure loose items, that’s a sign that your glasses may fall off. Because of this, I’ve never seen Disco Yeti because I need my glasses to see.”

Splash Mountain
“Anyone who’s ever worn glasses knows what happens when you wear them in the rain. Splash Mountain makes me wish my glasses had windshield wipers” Jill’s Quote

Tower of Terror
“Again, with the knowledge that what goes up – must come down…loose items should be stored away. I would hate to lose my glasses in the Twilight Zone” Jill’s Quote

Space Mountain *
“Actually, Space Mountain isn’t that bad because EVERYONE is in the dark. For my personal comfort, I take my glasses off for that ride. There are some sharp turns and sudden drops.” Jill’s Quote


Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train
Big Thunder Mountain
Test Track
it’s a Small World

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MuppetVision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

There are a number of attractions at Walt Disney World that bring together a mix of on-screen and off-screen effects, and the most prominent are the 3D rides and shows.

“I already wear glasses that help me see in 3-dimensions. They’re called my real glasses and I don’t have to throw them in a bin at the end of the experience.

However, I also have a small nose. And trying to fit a second pair of glasses on top of my real pair of glasses means that the 3D glasses are being held up by sheer will-power. And the number of times that I’ve almost thrown my real pair into the bin as we’re leaving the ride would shock you!”


  • Muppet Vision 3-D
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic
  • Flight of Passage
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Star Tours

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“If you’ve ever seen a Michael Bay or JJ Abrams movie (Transformers, Star Trek, etc) then you’ll be aware of what a Lens Flare does to the screen. That’s how I look in most Photopass photos!”

There are two tips regarding PhotoPass photos and not getting the dreaded glare from the flash.

  1. Tilt your head a little bit, which will allow for the flash to catch your glasses at an angle
  2. Always ALWAYS go on the My Disney Experience app after getting a photo taken just to make sure that the image is a good one.

We’ve been good at checking the app periodically throughout the day and every so often will realize that something (ie red-eye, photo-bomb, squinting/blinking or just a blah photo) was wrong and were able to go back to the same photographer to get a new set of photos.

It’s so much easier to get this done while you’re in the same park vs when you’re at home looking through your already downloaded images without a chance to retake anything.

I hope that this was helpful for you, as many folks don’t think about these things before going down to their vacations. It’s important to know what could be an issue and what you can prepare for:)

The Worst Disney Experiences if you Wear Glasses

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