What To Do When You’re Bored at Disney World

There are times during a Disney vacation that you may find yourself awaiting your next reservation and have time to pass.

The amount of effort, money and energy that it takes to book a trip will make these times of excess availability in your schedule incredibly valuable, especially looking back on your trip when you’re at home.


Goofy’s Candy Co at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Spend time in a shop and see if there’s anything that will give you added meaning when you’re at home. This may involve picking up things like:

  • Specialty Tea
  • Goofy’s Candy Co.
  • Park Maps

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Say you’re waiting for an ADR at Saana in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Well you can wander over to The Mara and maybe pick up a Zebra Dome as an “appetizer”.

Maybe you’re waiting for an Individual Lightning Lane for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Head over to get a Blue Milk (or Green Milk if you prefer a more ‘tropical’ drink) or maybe wander to Toy Story Land to split an order of specialty tots!

Never a bad idea to snack when you have the time.

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Pick up your phone and video call someone back home. It’s incredibly thoughtful and because you’re attached to the Disney Parks wifi, it’s easy to do.

I actually really like going through Facebook Messenger and seeing if I have a “Disney Friend” online and call them completely randomly out of the blue. It’s really fun to see their face light up with excitement as you’re walking through Adventureland or around a Disney Resort.


Got time? Take a photo in front of the icon.

There’s always an opportunity to get a new profile photo!

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Honourable Mentions

  • Wander: There’s no harm in wandering through a Disney park or resort.
  • Checklist: If you have something to do, it’s a great time to get something done.
  • Social Post: If you need help with an idea, just post for ideas on an instagram story poll.
  • Bench: People watching at Disney is incredibly fun.

Hope this was helpful! If you have a recommendation or idea for things to do when you’re bored on a Disney vacation, send me a note on instagram @StepstoMagic!

What To Do When You\'re Bored at Disney World

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