Universal Orlando Express Pass

When you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando Resort, there are a number of things that may resemble a product/service at Walt Disney World but may be a little different. While Disney has FastPass+, Universal has a system called Universal Express.

What is Universal Express?

Universal Express is a system that allows guests to skip lines and experience attractions via a separate queue with little (or no) waiting.


FastPass requires you to schedule your experiences 30 or 60 days out from your vacation. Universal Express requires zero advance scheduling, as you walk up to the attraction and scan your pass with no return time required.

FastPass+ is only available at a limited number of experiences, with attractions segmented into tiers.

Universal Express is available at a majority of attractions.

But here’s the biggie! FastPass+ is included in the price of your admission….Universal Express is not free.


There are four types of Universal Express:

  1. Universal Express Pass – one person one ride on each participating attraction
  2. Universal Express Unlimited – one person unlimited rides on participating attractions.
  3. On-Site Hotel Universal Express Unlimited – available for guests staying at the Luxury Universal Hotels at no extra cost.
  4. Premiere Pass Unlimited Express after 4pm – If you are a Premiere Pass Holder, you get free Universal Express access every day from 4pm til closing. There are restrictions, so check the official website for more on this.


It’s actually really easy! When you buy the pass, no matter the type, you show up at the attraction entrance and present your pass to the greeter. They’ll scan it and then you’ll go through a separate line which will bring you to the load/unload area.

Just like FastPass+ lines, there are experiences that skip story elements and may impact your overall enjoyment.


Prices for Universal Express Pass ranges from $40 for an Islands of Adventure single-use single-park pass to over $150 for a two-park Universal Express Unlimited pass in holiday times.

It’s important to know that there are limited passes per day, so to increase your chances of getting the pass and not leaving it up to showing up on the day-of your trip…you may want to head online.

Passes are available up to eight months in advance at the official Universal Orlando ticketing site


Yes and No.

It’s actually right in the middle, as you really don’t know how the crowds will impact your day until you see things on the other side of the turnstiles. Because you’re looking at a product that has a flexible price-point, the value is 100% in the eyes of the beholder when you decide what your time is really worth.

For folks who only have a single day at Universal and have already invested in a vacation that’s jam packed…then the extra cost to save waiting in big lines is a great idea. If you’ve decided to spread out your trip over a couple of days, then maybe showing up early and staying late will give you the flexibility of waiting in longer lines without stressing.


If you have the chance to spend a night at one of the original luxury on-site Universal Resorts, you’re able to take full advantage of the Universal Express Pass!

As the Universal Express is available from the moment that you check-in until the time the parks close on the day of check-out…you’re actually getting two full days of access for the price of a single night. Now that’s worth it!

Universal Orlando Express Pass - #StepstoMagic
Universal Orlando Express Pass – #StepstoMagic
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