Top 10 Attractions for Photographers

When you look at Walt Disney World, there are only a few attractions that stand out for folks who love to be behind the lens. This list will bring to light the experiences that you should just put the camera away and enjoy the magic that the Imagineers have created!

There are a couple of levels that we’ll be looking at for this list, but the goal is to give you as much info to convince you to just sit back and enjoy.


Liberty Belle Riverboat
Liberty Belle Riverboat – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Don’t just sit down. Walk around the boat and visit multiple levels to get different photo spots. When you’re coming around the bend towards the Haunted Mansion, you’ll want to be on the top floor for the best views.


Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Grab the front row and just go as high as you can for the best images. You’ll only have a couple of rotations in the carpets, so don’t be afraid to do a shutter blast or a flurry shot just to see what you’ll end up with. Nighttime is also a great time to ride because you can do multiple rides and not have to worry about families or long lineups.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – If you want the best photos, sit in the front row. This is where you’ll get the most picturesque angles, without having too many people in the images. If you want a different angle, sit at the very back and expect to hang on…because you’ll get pushed around from the zing of the ride! shots”


Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Don’t be afraid to take multiple trips around the TTA. There are four seats in each vehicle (front-right, front-left, back-right, back-left), which will allow you to get incredible photos of Tomorrowland and the Hub!


Living with the Land
Living with the Land – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – If you sit in the front row, the photos are endless! Sometimes LWTL closes early, so be prepared for that. There’s also the Behind the Seeds tour, so if your Instagram or Pinterest needs a little love, the photos that you get from things up-close and personal are definitely worth the $20!


TIP – Bring a decent lens and you’ll be fine! The gorilla’s actually aren’t the big attraction on this walk because they’re usually hidden by the plants and trees. You get to spend some quality time with a ton of birds, hippos and so much more!

There’s another trail called the Maharajah Jungle Trek that gives you great access to Tigers, Bats and a Komodo Dragon…so put that on your list too!!


Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Getting great photos on the Jungle Cruise is all about where to sit…and where to avoid. As the cast member who’s loading the boats if you can get the front right (beside the skipper). If they say no, you can ask to go on the next boat, and they’ll be more than happy to make that happen. Oh, and you can take as many photos of the elephants…because they all have their TRUNKS on! 😉

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TIP – As Walt Disney is such an inspiration for so many guests, taking a stroll through Walt Disney Present’s One Man’s Dream is a must-do on a number of levels.

As a photographer though, it’s all about finding awesome backdrops and items for social media that will gain the most attention. Take your time as you walk around, because you never know what’s hidden in random bookshelves!

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Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Here’s the catch-22…you’ll get wet! If you want to get the best photos on the drop hill, be prepared to stash your camera incredibly quick as you go down the 6-story hill! The show scenes are a ton of fun to shoot, so enjoy it all!

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Kilimanjaro Safaris
Kilimanjaro Safaris – Photo by Steps to Magic

TIP – Sit right behind the driver on the right side. When you’re the photographer, you’ll feel the need to want to give others the outside seat…but the photos will be worth it if you’re not in the middle. Have fun with it though and don’t stress about not seeing every animal!

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Did we miss one of your favourite attractions to get photos on?

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