The Best Things to do in a Queue Line

Waiting in line at Walt Disney World is a given, but what you do with that valuable time is a topic that has changed dramatically over the years. From activities for families to distractions techniques for kids (of all ages), there are always ways to pass the hours!

Here are The Best Things to do in a Queue Line at Disney World


Download the official ‘Play Disney’ app, which allows users to play interactive games at specific locations, learn stories about the attractions, listen to Disney playlists and challenge family and friends to Disney trivia.

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Perfect time to make extra FastPass+ selections OR dining reservations, spend your time wisely when you’ve got the chance. My highlights include getting a last minute Be Our Guest lunch or next-day Flight of Passage FastPass reservation, so always be open to checking out the My Disney Experience App!


Yes, it’s still a thing! The reason why I bring up PokemonGo in an article like this is because the concept of playing a game that allows you to use augmented reality (AR) location-based enhancements could be a bonus for folks.

Other games that we’ve seen folks play in line:

  • Heads Up! (Ellen’s trivia game)
  • JW Alive (Jurassic Park Augmented Reality Game where you catch dinosaurs in real life)
  • Kingdoms (Build your ultimate Disney theme park)


First off, you should check out our article “What are Hidden Mickeys” because it’s all about having a basic understanding about all the random fun that could be had.

Secondly, there are so many documented (and un-documented) Hidden Mickeys in the parks that you should be prepared to point them out to everyone around you when you spot one! Look down, up, around, and in the most random spots…because they are 100% hidden!

Steven M Barrett is the author of the Hidden Mickeys book series (Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, etc), so check out his stuff over on Amazon! 


There are interactive elements to a number of queue lines, including the Haunted Mansion, Soarin’ and Space Mountain. From games to enhancements, Disney Imagineers are always looking at ways to improve the guest experience…and that means creating things that folks can do while waiting in line for an attraction.

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Talk to the folks around you, because you never know who you’ll meet.

I’ve met everyone from international pop stars to other bloggers and a ton of off-the-clock Disney cast members. If you’re going to be waiting in a line with someone for up to 3 or 4 hours (Flight of Passage regularly hits 180 minutes for standby line), might as well be friendly.

  • “So what’s on tap for you folks after this?”
  • “Lunch or Dinner recommendations?”
  • “Have you seen….”

Hope this was helpful! If you’ve got things that you like doing in a queue line at Disney World, please let me know over at and I’ll add it to the list!

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