Things We Will Never Do Again at Universal Orlando Resort

Hi folks! This has been an incredibly popular article with the Walt Disney World Resort, so it’s time to tackle this topic for Universal Orlando Resort.

Please note that before we start on this adventure, the idea behind this article is to help you plan your vacation with all the information in hand. Nothing sugar-coated or over-hyped…because your vacation will be different than the brochure.

We will do our best to discuss the reasons why we won’t do it again AND what would have made things different. Also, this list is subjective…so please take this as a single voice and not the collective viewpoint of every single guest who has walked through the turnstiles.


This is a fun one, because the idea is quite simple.

When you purchase a single day ticket for a single park, you don’t get to experience the Hogwarts Express. Unlike the monorail or the Skyliner at Disney, the Hogwarts Express is classified as an attraction AND because you’re going in between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida…you have to have a two-park ticket.

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Out of all the butter beer flavoured items in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the fudge is our least favourite. Why would we never do it again? Well once you’ve had the fudge, you’ll want to expand your flavour-palette and jump into the rabbit hole that is Harry Potter food!

Be aware that both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are completely different locations, and thus may have a variety of food & drink that you won’t get at the other.


I love burgers, shakes and a classic diner…but after dining at Mel’s Dine In, you’ll want to make the wander down the street to Krusty Burger in Springfield USA or keep going around the lagoon to Diagon Alley.

As all food is subjective, this advice is based on the environment and the fact that there are more “iconic” experiences within a short walk.

Fast and the Furious Supercharged!

This is an easy one. Just skip it – we did it so you don’t have to.

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Water rides are great, but there’s a time & place to an itinerary which will bring them to a whole new level.

The issue is that Islands of Adventure has three water rides within rapid succession. Popeye, Dudley Do-Right and Jurassic Park River Adventure…and all three of them have the potential to absolutely soak you from head to toe.

Why is this on the list? Well unless you are prepared (poncho, waterproof bag for electronics, etc)…you’ll want to pick and choose your ride and not do all three back 2 back.


  1. Jurassic River Adventure
  2. Dudley Do-Right
  3. Popeye

Did we miss anything? What will you never do again at Universal Orlando?

Things We Will Never Do Again at Universal Orlando Resort

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