Disney World Solo Vacation Tips

One of my favorite topics to discuss is the ability to have a memorable vacation at Walt Disney World when you’re travelling solo.

I love being able to plan around my schedule, my likes, my food tastes and my fitness level. In past trips with family or groups, it’s important for me to plan around my guest’s wishes, which at times, is difficult.

Disney World Solo Vacation Tips

Quick Note: I absolutely love travelling with my partner, as she’s in the same category as me for interests and is game for anything that I suggest. This is for folks who may want to travel to Disney as a solo traveller without having the same buy-in from their party.

I’ve taken multiple solo trips to Disney World, including trips in 2010, 2011, 2012 and recently in July 2017 and June 2019…and to say that I’ve become more comfortable and confident with every trip is an understatement.


Rope Drop at EPCOT
Rope Drop at EPCOT – Photo by Steps to Magic

Let’s be honest – people like to sleep while they’re on vacation. Ok, MOST people like to sleep. I like to wake up as early as possible to get to the parks for Rope Drop and go-go-go until I need a mid-day nap.

This doesn’t go well with many people! When you’re a solo traveller, you can wake up as early or go to bed as late as you’d like because you’re only accountable to yourself.


Expedition Everest Single Rider Line
Expedition Everest Single Rider Line – Photo by Steps to Magic

Travelling alone has it’s perks, and the Single Rider Line is one of them. Want to ride Test Track, Expedition Everest or Rock N Roller coaster and NOT stand in line? Well you can jump in a line that’s literally dedicated to you!


I’ve had great luck with walk-ups at Walt Disney World table service restaurants. When you’re travelling solo, many of the cast members have taken special training on how to treat you properly. One of these specific conversations is to do with dining solo, which you’ll get special treatment usually.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll get anything for free. Mostly, you’ll be able to get a table because of a cancellation or a seat at the bar. The other great part about this is that your server will spend a little extra time to make your experience special.

I’ve got the chance to meet some amazing cast members with awesome stories just because I was dining solo and asked a couple questions.

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Dole Whip
Dole Whip – Photo by Steps to Magic

No one will judge you if you wanted an early morning snack…

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Once again, I’m not saying that your family/friends aren’t flexible, but the ability to go to whatever park you’d like and spend as much or little time without really impacting a set schedule is great! When you’re travelling as a solo guest, you’re less likely to book Advanced Dining Reservations and more open to last minute changes.

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When I’m planning a solo trip, the first thing that I do is reach out to friends on social media and let them know when I’ll be in town. If they’re free, then it’s easier for you to plan a meet-up! No stress and no pressures!


Starlord and Baby Groot with Dustin
Starlord and Baby Groot with Dustin – Photo by Steps to Magic

For anyone who knows me, and I feel like I’m amongst friends here, can tell that I really like photography!

When you’re travelling solo, you can allocate as much as you’d like into ducking in and out of traffic to get the best photo (without saying ‘sorry’ every 10 seconds lol)

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With all that being said, I hope that this has put a few ideas into your mind when you’re looking at a place for your next solo trip. Walt Disney World is definitely a fun place to explore, whether you’re with a huge group or by yourself!

Why You Should Book a Solo Trip to Disney World - #StepstoMagic
Why You Should Book a Solo Trip to Disney World – #StepstoMagic

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