The Most Romantic Restaurants at Walt Disney World

If you’re thinking about romance, most folks wouldn’t associate a place that’s known for the Dole Whip and Turkey Leg with love. Well, they’re wrong.

Walt Disney World Resort is filled with amazing dining experiences that are perfect for those special nights! And unlike other lists where “romantic restaurants” are linked to a “signature dining” pricepoint, it’s my goal to share some options that aren’t breaking the bank for a fun evening!


When we first stepped into this location, it completely caught us off-guard. The idea of having a dinner at Disney Springs vs in a resort or at the parks may be a change from a traditional touring plan, but remember that romance isn’t just about a quiet place to gaze into each others eyes.

It’s also a sense of excitement and being able to dress up and enjoy a great meal.

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Controversial, but not crazy! First off, for Disney fans like us…there’s nothing better than dining in Cinderella’s Castle. Include the fact that the service cast members are absolutely brilliant and can provide an experience that doesn’t shine through when you’re there with a family.

You don’t need kids to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table…and the character interactions are still preserving the romance! Being called a “Prince” by Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and any other princess around doesn’t hurt;)


Trust me, this dining location gets overshadowed constantly because of the competition in the World Showcase (ie Le Cellier and Monsignor Paul).

If it was a stand-alone location at a resort, it would be a destination. The interior of the Mexico pavilion is themed so well that you can’t help but enjoy the experience!


A mix of the atmosphere and memorable cuisine (and fun deserts), dining under the sea has never been so romantic!

We spent most of our meal fish-watching, which was so much fun!


Grand Floridian Resort provides a level of elegance and romance that is tough to beat.

In fact, the feeling that you get when you’re enjoying a great dinner with the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime spectacular going on in the background…pretty darn romantic!

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The Amphicars at The Boathouse (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Stay with me on this one. Romance is in the eyes of the beholder, and for an evening of food ranging from sandwiches to steaks, it’s such a relaxed location…which could actually be as romantic as you’d like to make it.

The location is right on the waterfront, so getting to see the Amphicars and Water Taxis on the lake is pretty cool.


I absolutely love this restaurant! The fact that you get to watch the wildlife on the savanna as you’re enjoying bread service or the countless options for folks with different tastebuds…it’s definitely on the right list!

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When you head into “the celler” of the Hotel Du Canada, you’re going into a different world. The flavors, the service and the knowledge that you’re actually in a theme park – you can’t bring more of a separation from the hustle & bustle of a Disney vacation than this staple of the Canadian Pavilion!


Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom
Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Beauty & The Beast is such an iconic setting for a magical evening. It’s almost like you’re stepping into the ballroom from the movie, and with the evening meal being a Table Service…you’ll get your money’s worth!

Remember to take it all in and don’t rush through the meal:)

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By far and away, the elegance and aura of the Grand Floridian’s gem (and a AAA Five Diamond Award winner), Victoria & Alberts will put you into dining experience that you’ll never forget! The dress code also puts the “romance” front and center, because I look GREAT in a suit jacket!

The big difference between Victoria & Albert’s and any other location on this list, was that the food was actually secondary to the amazing conversation, hidden gems and awesome feeling like you belong in this time capsule. As soon as I have my review ready, I’ll post a link here. Until that time…here’s just a quick sneak peek;)

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