Online Lost and Found at Disney World

Have you ever lost an item, walked up to a cast member to ask for help and had them take your information, only to walk away thinking that you’ll never see it again. Well there’s a second way that Disney tracks guest’s lost items, and it’s an online system. 

Online Lost and Found at Disney World


Whether or not you’re in your hotel room, in the parks or even have returned home, there’s a website that you’re able to visit and add in your details in order for Disney to have a record. 

Put that url into your bookmarks because you never know when you’re going to need it! 


Most folks who visit the parks think that if they lose an item on an attraction or on a mode of transportation that it’s either a “now or never” recovery method. That may be true in some instances, but usually someone (a guest or cast member) will find the item and put it in a safe place backstage. 

The same cast members that collect items for Package Pickup in retail locations also collect Lost & Found, as there’s a triage system for getting things from a random merchandise cart in the World Showcase to a central location in EPCOT and then to the central location for Walt Disney World. 

This may take a day to a couple days, but at the end of the rainbow is a team of cast members who are in charge of implementing this integral service. 

THE WEBSITE looks after Disney World Lost and Found looks after Disney World Lost and Found

When you visit the Chargerback website, you’ll be prompted to fill in all the contact information and item descriptions. 

  • Type of Item (26 different categories and 1 listing called “unique item not listed”) 
  • Date of Loss 
  • Where Lost (Park, Resort, Transportation System) 
  • Detailed information. The more detailed the better, as your goal is to help the cast members distinguish your item from others that may be similar. 

From there, you fill out your contact information and then read the terms & privacy policy before submitting your form. 


For folks who have lost items on a Disney Cruise, there is a website where you can fill out a form describing what you lost and when you lost it. Make sure to 100% be as descriptive as possible!

Hope that this was helpful! It’s a stressful situation to lose anything, especially while you’re on vacation. Just know that there are hundreds of thousands of items lost at Walt Disney World daily, and there’s a specific department that looks after guest communications, so be prepared and know that there are more than 60,000 cast members who are potentially on the lookout for your item!

Online Lost and Found at Disney World - #StepstoMagic
Online Lost and Found at Disney World – #StepstoMagic

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