How To Have a Lazy Disney World Vacation Day

How many times have you heard that you’ll need a vacation from the stress and go-go-go of a Disney World trip?

It’s all to common for folks to be overwhelmed with the planning and options that the schedule prepared seems more like a sprint than a relaxing time away from the day-to-day of regular life. That’s mostly because we are wanting to get as much value out of the investment of the airfare, resort, tickets and everything else…why wouldn’t we want to be up at dawn and out til late each and every single day?

I hear you, but there’s something that you may have to consider…

How To Have a Lazy Disney World Vacation Day


  • Sleep in
  • Prioritize your Activities
  • Eat at a Disney Resort
  • Plan Pool Time
  • FastPass


Being in the park for Early Morning Extra Magic Hours or Rope Drop each and every single day isn’t necessary, especially when you want to have a lazy day! Be aware of the time, as you don’t want to sacrifice the entire by sleeping in, but you can still have a relaxing day by showing up at 10am or so.

Tip: Set an alarm for 8am and then snooze the alarm a couple times. That way you’re still enjoying the bed without falling back asleep!


Did you know that you could do themed days, like Drinking Around the World Showcase or Pin Trading? Don’t feel bad if you’re setting aside a day for exploration and adventuring without setting foot in a Disney Park.

Tip: Knowing what you want from a Disney vacation is all about setting expectations and celebrating successes! If you want to do something…be flexible but know where it stands in the list.

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One of the best ways to have a lazy day at Disney is to enjoy a meal at a quiet Disney Resort, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Lunch at Sanaa is probably one of the best pieces of advice that I can give, both because the food is great and the ambiance is breathtaking!

Tip: Walk around the resort and visit both Jambo House and Kidani Village, as they have different personalities and theming. PLUS…Zebra Domes!


During the day is when most families are at the theme parks, so why not take advantage of the lower crowds and great weather to soak in some rays and laze around the pool?

Tip: Be aware of the weather, as you don’t want to plan to be at the resort if it’s going to rain because they’ll close the pool as a safety precaution and then you’re just stuck in a hotel room instead of rescheduling a park day and grabbing some last minute FastPass+ reservations.

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Speaking of laziness – why not plan to experience three things in a park and then just wandering around for the rest of the day while refreshing the My Disney Experience App for additional FastPass reservations? It’s actually really fun to know that the day is unpredictable and completely open to last minute ideas when you’ve already pre-scheduled a couple attractions or shows.

Having a “Lazy” day at Disney World can still be incredibly fun, so be flexible and enjoy the time that you’ve got at the most Magical Place on Earth!

How To Have a Lazy Disney World Vacation Day
How To Have a Lazy Disney World Vacation Day – #StepstoMagic

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