What to do at Disney’s Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is a shopping and entertainment district located steps from EPCOT and a little wander from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From good eats, iconic views and awesome proximity to the magic…you’re in good hands when you plan to spend a few hours on the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World!


Surrey Bike Rental at Disney’s Boardwalk (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

WHEEEEEE! Renting a Surrey Bike for an adventure around the EPCOT Resort Area is a fun way to spend some down-time at Walt Disney World without leaving the “Disney Bubble”.

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When you go to a dueling piano bar at Disney World, you’re taking a step towards having a magical evening of showing off your random knowledge of Disney song lyrics! Hitting up Jellyrolls is a great idea after you’ve finished watching the fireworks at EPCOT or if you just want a little bit of 21+ fun.

Just an FYI – there is a cover charge, so factor that into your budget before you plan to go as it’s not something that you want to be caught off guard with.

Promenade Fine Art Galleries

Promenade Fine Art Galleries at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

This fine art showroom from Promenade Fine Art provide guests the opportunity to see one-of-a-kind art and unique pieces that any Disney fan would enjoy.

“Marble floors and a centrally placed spectacular Wyland nine-foot bronze dolphin are among the classic touches that make this gallery among our most memorable. In addition to the work of Wyland, you’ll discover wonderful art by renowned artists such as Walfrido, Coleman, and Mackin, as well as Wyland-inspired fine jewelry.”

The store is also home to some of the best air conditioning on property, but that’s just a perk from spending time around the treasures.

Walk Around the Lagoon

View of the Boardwalk from Disney's Yacht Club Resort
View of the Boardwalk from Disney’s Yacht Club Resort (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Take a stroll around the water, which includes the opportunity to stop in at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Both of these hotels are connected, so you’ll be able to soak up some A/C while also shopping at some of the most unique shops on property and getting a few hidden gems off your bucket list…like maybe the Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream.

Pin Trading

Pin Trading at The Boardwalk Inn (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

One of my favorite Pin Trading Tips is to spend time at resorts, as they usually get better pins without having the foot-traffic of the theme parks. Not only do you have the stores at the Boardwalk, but you also have the stores and cast members at:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
  • Disney’s Swan & Dolphin Resort
  • Disney’s Yacht Resort
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort

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Disney's Boardwalk
Disney’s Boardwalk (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Dining experiences are everywhere! From Flying Fish signature restaurant to Trattoria al Forno casual dining and everything in between…you’re not going to go hungry when you’re at the Boardwalk!

Plus, if nothing appeals to your current tastes…you’re a 5-minute walk to EPCOT’s World Showcase!!

CUPCAKES! Remember that one of the highlights of a visit to the Boardwalk Bakery is their selection of baked goods and cupcakes:)

Hope this helps with your Disney World Trip planning! If you have any ideas for articles or things that you want to see on StepstoMagic.com, please don’t hesitate to share over at our Facebook page!

What to do at Disney's Boardwalk - StepstoMagic.com
What to do at Disney’s Boardwalk – StepstoMagic.com

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