Disney World Vacation Planning Mistakes

After travelling to Walt Disney World a few times, you’ll start to notice where you can save time and where you’ll be stuck in a situation that isn’t idea. I’ve made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve learned my lesson!


Joffrey’s Coffee at EPCOT (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)
  • September is hot
  • April is hot
  • February is hot

The main reason why I put this on the list is because we’ve tried to push from rope drop through to closing down a park without taking into account the impact that the weather has on your endurance.

Take stock of your resort location and distance between your destination and a shower, because in the middle of the day during a hot n sweaty day…you’ll want to do a full change of everything you’re wearing.

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Rockin Roller Coaster Re-Opens after Being Down (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

If it’s your first trip to Walt Disney World, the amount of information out there is 100% overwhelming.

Know that the information is available, but that you shouldn’t overdo the planning process. Knowing the main points will allow you to be aware of the potential and will take your vacation to the next level! Also remember, the trips that I plan for a solo trip have different qualities than experiences that I booked for my family and are different depending on the seasons.

Just enjoy it and know that you’re always a couple clicks away from the answer if you need it!

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Orlando International Airport Terminal (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

I’m guilty of this constantly, because my goal is to get to the parks as early as possible on my arrival day. That means that we’re usually on the 7am flight and pulling into MCO Orlando International Airport for 10am and then to the resort by 11am. Yea, check-in isn’t until 3pm!

We’ve started to book airlines that we actually enjoy, even if it’s a couple dollars more. As a passenger on and flight, you should know that you’re being treated with respect and not like cattle. Leg-room matters:)

Hope this helps with your Disney vacation planning! I’m sure that I’ll be adding to this article soon:) Always more mistakes to make when you’re having fun!

Disney World Vacation Planning Mistakes

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