Best Seats on Disney World Attractions

There are many ways to enhance your vacation at Walt Disney World, from reservations to more Dole Whips, but there’s a tried and tested solution to getting the best experience on certain attractions. Choose your seats wisely and you’ll be happier! 

Before I share my thoughts on this topic, it’s important to realize that there are certain attractions that don’t really have “better” seats and there are 100% attractions that have “bad seats”. Let’s jump into this, because there’s a lot to take in. 

Magic Kingdom


I’m a fan of the rear entrance seats, but that’s because I really like leg room. You don’t want to be directly next to the Skipper on the left hand side, but if you like being the “center of attention”, then you’ll want to go in the front right side. 


I keep getting soaked, so I’m not sure that there’s a real “dry” seat anymore…but just be aware that the front seat will almost guarantee that you’ll be walking out with a wet butt! 


Last Row or Front Row – either or will give you an awesome photo! Oh, fun fact about the drop….you’re gonna get soaked! As you’re dropping, watch for the camera flash and then DUCK (or put on your poncho before hand and you’ll be fine). Why is this important? Don’t be a hero…no one likes a shower midday with expensive phones and other electrical equipment! šŸ˜‰ 


There’s actually a hidden spot in the stretching room. Stand underneath the “woman with parasol” because that wall will open and it’ll give you extra time to get to the doombuggies! 


Front seat is slow, but will give you a great Photopass Photo! IF you want a little extra airtime, ask for the backseat. 


Both rides are literally the same track, just flipped. There’s no benefit for Omega or Alpha, so depending on whether or not you’ve got a FastPass will dictate where you’re going. I’m not a fan of the front seat, but that’s due to the fact that I’m tall and the leg room is horrendous! 


This has almost become scientific, so here’s the insider tips: 

  • Inside aisle will give Cast Members access to you, in case they need to get a microphone. 
  • If you want to be “That Guy”, just sit in the front right side with sunglasses on…and you’re good to go! 

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Front row on the right hand side will give you the best views of the outside track, but the left hand side will give you the best thrills during the fast-section. 


This is actually a fun one, because there’s a specific thing to ask the cast members for…because it’s common knowledge that Disney actually messed up the projection. You want to be in B1 or B2, and definitely don’t want to be in A or C. 


Wait, there’s a good seat on this attraction? ABSOLUTELY! 

The front row will guarantee that you’ll get soaked, but the photos and videos are so much better when you don’t have heads in your pics during the backwards portions of the ride. 

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Front Row Center is the best for thrill seekers, basically because you don’t have the security of the ride vehicle cage. 


I’ve had great rides in the front and the back, but because everything is in the dark – it really doesn’t do much to be in the middle. The only thing that I would suggest is that you want to be in the front “car” of your section, because then in the photo you’ll be seen! 


Becoming the “Rebel Spy” is everything BUT random, so here’s what you can do to increase your chances. 

  • As soon as you get to your seat, stow your bags and buckle your seatbelt.
  • Leave your 3-D glasses (flight goggles) off until the Cast Member tells you to put them on.
  • Keep your head up, facing forward looking “smug” as they do the safety spiel. Okay, maybe not smug, but you want to be confident in your spy-ness. 
  • Cross both fingers and toes…because the secret is out on how to be the Rebel Spy! 


Being in the front left-hand side is always ideal because you’ll get the chance to see Sweetums! 


Middle is the best, but it’s such a huge theatre that you’re going to end up being moved and squished in order to fit more guests into the show. FastPass+ is a good option, but the Dining Package is stuck on the side and doesn’t really get a better view than a guest who just lines up with everyone else. 

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Back row isn’t the best, because you’ll want to get the best thrills…which is actually the front row! 


Getting your kid to participate in the show is all up to the cast members who are working the crowds…so try to get a seat closer to the front and that will increase the chances. 


I love this attraction, but there are definitely good and bad seats. 

You’ll want to sit on the outside aisles for sure, however most of the animals are actually viewed from the Left. This means that you’ll want to ask the Cast member for the outside seats, and they’ll do their best to facilitate your request – even if it means that you wait for the next vehicle. 


Front Right – this is by far the best seat because it’s where the Carnotaurus attacks! 


Oh wait, you’re thinking that you’re going to stay dry on Kali River Rapids….yea, no! šŸ™‚ 

I hope that this was helpful, because at the end of the day – you have more control over your vacation experiences and memories than you imagine. Just be polite and ask nicely! 

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