Answering Your Question – Does Disney have Wifi

The question: Does Disney have wifi?

The answer: Yes, and (spoilers) it’s free!

Let’s go into this subject, as it’s an important part of any vacation in today’s planning process.

Free WiFi is available throughout Walt Disney World Resort, including theme parks, resorts, water parks and Disney Springs.

AT&T is the official wireless partner for Walt Disney World. In fact, if you download the My Disney Experience app, you’ll be presented with a logo on the very front page stating that you’ll be taken care of. The main reason why this is such an important part of your vacation is due to the integration of digital assets and virtual reservations that you’re able to set up before and during the time you’re on property.

From FastPass+, Dining, Activities and even basic elements like wait times are all able to be accessed through the app.

BUT…let’s be 100% honest. Although the WiFi is free, it’s incredibly unreliable in public spaces.


WiFi is available throughout the theme parks, including retail shops, attraction queues, restaurants and various bus & monorail platforms (including the Transportation and Ticket Centre). There are spots where WiFi isn’t strong or available, but those are evolving constantly as Disney increases this incredibly important service to more areas.

When you’re on Disney Property, just look for the WiFi signal “Disney-Guest” and you’ll be able to connect.

As a bonus, when you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you’re able to connect into a better signal called “In-Room Guest”. There’s another signal for folks who are wandering around the resort’s grounds which is known as “Public Space Guest”, but it’s at a similar quality as the connection in the parks (ie little weak).


When I go on vacation to Walt Disney World, it’s usually a fairly expensive trip. The food, the plane tickets, the hotel and all the fun stuff….the one thing that’s usually a “no-go” and it’s the data plan! I keep my phone on Airplane Mode for the entirety of the trip, but there’s a way to keep in contact with folks and not have to pay through the nose.

Get Skype! It’s an easy way to call and text friends and family while using the wifi at your resort. šŸ™‚

I hope that this helps with your planning!

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