10 Things Not to Pack for Walt Disney World

Let’s be honest, the idea of travelling to Walt Disney World for a week is a daunting task. You’re trying to forecast the weather, foreshadow your mood for hats, in addition to putting your entire life in a suitcase that has to weigh less than 49.9 pounds!

Here are the things that I’ve packed before that you really don’t need…10 items to be exact;)


Shirts at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

I love all my Disney-Inspired Tees! There are a number of shirts that I’ve picked up through my travels, including Cast Member exclusive and opening day merchandise…but why bring down shirts when you know that you’re going to buy more?

IF you’re going to buy shirts online, have them delivered to your hotel for arrival. Not only are they new for your trip, but you don’t have to pack them down!

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Ice Water at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom
Ice Water at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

The number of places that you can get water would drive you crazy!

First off, you can get free water at any quick service location, which is expedited if you give them a water bottle to fill.

Secondly, Starbucks will happily give you an ice water (yes, you have to stand in line) and you’ll get to window-shop their cupcake selection! There are also plenty of carts that sell bottled water, if that’s your thing

Why is this on the list? We actually placed an online order for bottled water from Walmart(on advice from a friend) and didn’t end up using any of it!

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Every park has a First Aid Center, with will give you complimentary band-aids, Tylenol, Advil or anything else that you would need to get through your day.

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Fuelrod at EPCOT – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Unless you’ve decided to be strapped to your already-purchased external battery, or you’re spending a lot of time off-property, FuelRods are something that you may want to consider purchasing.

One time cost = Free Unlimited Swapping, Rechargeable and convenient locations all around Walt Disney World property.

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When you’re staying in a hotel, these types of amenities are provided in your room daily. If you run out of more, just ask one of the MouseKeeping (Disney’s term for their Housekeeping Staff) and they’ll be more than happy to provide more.


There are an abundance of towels at the resort, so you won’t have to worry about staying dry. In fact, we usually pack a towel from the resort in our bags for the day…just in case!

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Remember, you’re on vacation. Don’t overdo it, but if you do end up in a pinch and have to do a load of laundry…hotels usually have a laundry room for you to get through the second half of your stay without smelling too bad!


Thanks to the Zika outbreak, the Disney Parks (and most attractions in Central Florida) have started to provide insect repellent as prevalent as possible.


Everyone does their vacation differently, however in our case we pre-planned to skip breakfasts in order to have an early lunch, mid-day snack and late dinner (Disney Dining Planning is great!!).

In order to have energy first thing in the morning for those of us who aren’t morning-folks, we decided to order snacks through Walmart.com…and after 7 days we ended up packing them home.

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Disney PhotoPass photographers are incredible with capturing the magic. In addition to great photos, they also provide you with a few free random images to scrapbook with. If those aren’t enough, you can actually buy a full cd of Disney stock images from their photographers.

Do you really want to carry a camera bag on your back in the middle of a Florida day…and leave a sweat mark the size of Texas? 😉

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And Finally…

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You don’t have to pack stress because all your pre-planning has been put into motion and the die has been cast. Take a load off your shoulders knowing that you’ve got your ADR’s, FastPass reservations and daily plan set up in advance and now it’s just time for fun:)

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