Disney World Annual Pass Perks

As a Disney World Annual Passholder, one of the questions that we get a lot circles around the topic “is it worth it?”

Well let’s be honest to start with, the Walt Disney World Annual Pass (AP) is a significant expense and should be treated as an opportunity to gain more benefits than just getting into the parks.

Top Reasons why you should get a Disney World Annual Pass


This is the biggest and best perk! If you’re planning to buy theme park tickets, do the math.

Basically, you should check and see what you’re planning on spending in regular day tickets and then head over to the Compare Annual Passes page on the official Disney World Site.

At the end of the day, if you can save money, or redirect funds from park tickets to the discounts AP’s get…why not?


Dining at Walt Disney World can be an expense that we’re looking forward to, but getting things a little cheaper won’t hurt. AP discounts usually stick around 10% off Table Service, with a few oddities here and there.

Just know ahead of time that the AP discount applies to the non-discounted price of food & non-alcoholic drinks and are valid for the AP holder and up to three (3) guests.

Worth it? Absolutely! This perk is a huge bonus because it’ll introduce you to restaurants that you may have missed. Also, make sure that you check the official website (link here) because every so often a Quick Service or Snack Location will give an added discount!

Just in case you’re wondering…you can’t get an AP Discount at Victoria & Alberts! I asked on your behalf already;)


The perk that we used was the 10-20% off selected regularly priced merchandise at hundreds of stores on property! From the World of Disney @ Disney Springs to The Emporium @ Main Street USA…you’re basically going through the official merchandise passholder discount list and making a note for everything that you want to buy!


Pretty self-explanatory, but you get your own entrance at theme parks! In the mornings, this is a valuable way to cut down on your stress.


When you buy your Annual Pass, one of the most under-stated perks are the random stuff that you get in the package. From your customized Magic Band to the “Annual Passholder” slider attachment, and the Magnets…just keep an eye out for all the stuff that you can get just because you bought a different park ticket!


This is a fun one, but at certain festivals, you can actually get a Passholder pricing level. Although it’s not a constant, this could be a game-changer if it’s available.


Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Premier Passholders: Enjoy special evening access to some of your favorite attractions, shops and dining locations during V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights.

Check your email for event invitations and registration details—as well as information about future events. When you receive your email invitation, be sure to register as soon as possible; event capacity is limited and subject to availability.


Oh yea, you also get the chance to buy exclusive merchandise that’s designed and marketed specifically for Annual Passholders! From shirts to pins, all you have to do is ask and see if there’s anything available:)


I’m putting this last for a reason. The “ego boost” that you get as an Annual Passholder actually comes when you’re at home and looking for a distraction from your day-to-day responsibilities.

Knowing that you’ve got a card in your wallet that gets you into the most magical place on earth…well that’s enough for most people to book your next trip to Disney!

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions about the Annual Passholder Perks, please feel free to head over to the official Disney Annual Passholder Website and search around:)

Disney World Annual Pass Perks – #StepstoMagic
Disney World Annual Pass Perks – #StepstoMagic
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