A Review of Queen Victoria’s Room at Victoria & Albert’s

When one has the chance to check off a monumental piece of a Disney Dream Bucket List, you take it. We dined at Queen Victoria’s Room at Victoria & Albert’s in the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World.

Just letting that sink in is a great start to this article, as it never gets old and (spoiler) we will be going back soon!

* Quick Note – The photos in this article are from a single evening and This is important, as the menus change constantly and without notice due to seasonality and chef’s choice.

Victoria & Albert’s is a Five Diamond Award winning restaurant and the 2nd Highest Ranked restaurant on Trip Advisor in the USA.Within the restaurant are three distinct dining experiences:

  1. The Main Dining Room
  2. The Queen Victoria Room (4 Tables)
  3. The Chef’s Table (1 Table for up to 10 guests)

When you go onto the Walt Disney World website, all three are available to be reserved through the online booking service, so your goal is to be on there 180 days out in the wee hours of the morning to guarantee an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation).

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I will say that my partner and I were celebrating our 5 year anniversary, so after securing an ADR for the main dining room, I made sure to call and ask them to put a note on my reservation that we would love the chance to dine in Queen Victoria’s Room if there was a cancellation.

This meant that when we were informed the week before our trip that we were able to get a table, our meal was now the 10 course meal instead of the 7 course meal from the main dining room.

We did not get the wine pairings, as we assumed (correctly in hindsight) that we would be in a food trance and wouldn’t truly enjoy the wine due to the amount of food.


We LOVED IT! This was the best dining experience that my partner or I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

The waiters were brilliant, the food was exquisite and the memories will last a lifetime!

If you get to this point in the article and want your “AHA moment”….this is it!
For the price that we paid (which was around $350 per person with tip), the food, the atmosphere and the feeling that we had when we left, we could not have had a better time!

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I won’t be going into a “food review”, as they change the menu often and for us to go into details on the way that they prepared the Australian Kobe-Style Beef won’t do anything to increase or decrease the likely-hood that you’ll want to dine at this restaurant. My thoughts will be based in the experience and the feelings that we had during our time at Victoria & Alberts, specifically in the Queen Victoria Room.

The other thought going through my head, was that I wasn’t going to share the inner-most workings of the experience, as we went in without knowing a lot…and it actually made the night even more magical. And yes...this was the closest experience to true Disney Magic that I have ever had!

Let’s get into the evening and provide a few tips and tricks that we learned throughout the dining experience that are SPECIFIC TO QUEEN VICTORIA’S ROOM


  • You can book via DisneyWorld.com for all three of the rooms, although the most common is the main Dining Room
  • They will call you the week before to ask about dietary restrictions and preferences, in addition to the extras that will be offered during the meal (wine pairings, etc)

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  • There’s a dress code, but with a dining experience like Victoria & Albert’s…you want to dress up and feel fancy! You don’t need to wear a tux or evening wear:)

Related Link – Victoria & Albert’s Dress Code


  • Citricos and Victoria & Alberts share a reception and check-in location
  • Upon arrival, you’re invited to wait in the reception area while your table is being prepared, where you’re lead into the room by the evening’s host.


  • The dining room is set up with 4 tables, with a total of 8 guests per night.
  • Each of the tables are welcomed at 30-minute intervals. This allows for each table to be presented with something special and unique without spoiling the surprise.
  • When we arrived for the 530pm reservation, we actually were the first table to be seated. This meant that we had the full Queen Victoria Room to ourselves for the first 30-minutes of the dinner.

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  • You have to try out these washrooms! Special art, amazing fixtures and just a different level of comfort!


  • There are two main servers that look after the Queen Victoria Room, with 15 years and 25+ years experience at the restaurant. Each night may have a different set of staff, but we were incredibly lucky to have our pair, as they were able to bring a level of warmth through conversation and recommendations.
  • We never felt out of place, even though we are a “younger couple”, as the staff were able to welcome us in a way that put us at ease from the very beginning to the very end.

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  • Each menu is designed in advance of your arrival and printed out as a souvenir to take home.
  • We had both the regular and vegetarian menus, with slight variations that we requested during the booking call the week prior.
  • The menu was shown at the beginning of the meal and then removed. This allowed us to enjoy the full dining experience without counting or keeping track of what was coming next.


  • Wine Pairing is optional, which would give you a separate 2-ounce glass of wine per course
  • You’re also able to order individual glasses of wine, spirits, champagne, beer, etc.
  • There is a non-alcoholic drink menu as well, which includes Soda, Imported Water, Teas, Coffee, and Juices.
  • Seriously, they have an entire menu of imported water!

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  • The Queen Victoria Room at Victoria & Albert’s is exclusively a 10-course meal. The main dining room allows for a choice between the 7-course or the 10-course meal
  • It’s a traditional European style of dining. The format is an amouse-bouche, followed by a salad, working your way up to the main course and ending with sweets and a dessert.


  • To say that this was the best part of the meal would understate the quality of food that we received throughout the night. BUT…we’ve never drooled this much over such exquisite masterpieces.


  • You will go home with a doggie-bag of goodies. We will not spoil what’s inside….but it’s something that you’ll definitely wish came as a pair!


  • This is a meal that you’ll never forget
  • The staff are incredible
  • The Queen Victoria Room brings an aura of class, elegance and sophistication with it’s decor and ambiance.
  • It is a LOT of food! Don’t be ashamed to tap out. Jill did at the second dessert course, which was in part due to the main course of the Vegetarian meal being very hearty.


  • It’s expensive. There’s no way around under-selling it. The bill (for two in the Queen Victoria Room) came to 470.00+ tax and tip
  • The food, the experience and the memories are well worth that, seeing as though the night before, we went to The Garden Grill at EPCOT and paid over $100 for All-You-Can-Eat with characters for two people.
  • We chose not to do the Wine Pairing or the Extra up-charges for the Waygu beef, but there was no regrets because the non-alcoholic drinks (soda, tea, coffee, exotic water) was worth it.

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The 10-course meal was a lot of food, and although the Queen Victoria Room itself is a gem that you simply must experience once in your life…it was more food than we could handle. The 7-course is the perfect amount of food, so take that into account when you’re deciding on whether or not to do the Main Dining Room or the Queen Victoria Room.

We had an absolute blast with Victoria & Alberts AND have already visited again in April 2018 in the main dining room!

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