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Enhancing the Universal Orlando Experience: Top Improvement Tips

Universal Orlando Resort has risen to become one of Florida’s premier theme park destinations, offering visitors a world of thrilling experiences, iconic attractions, and beloved characters. However, to compete with the colossal Disney World, Universal Orlando must consider a series of strategic improvements. From enhancing dining experiences to rethinking in-park attractions, here’s a look at what Universal Orlando can do to stay competitive.

1. In-Park Restaurants Open Later:

One area where Universal Orlando can enhance the visitor experience is by extending the operating hours of its in-park restaurants. While the parks themselves often stay open into the evening, dining establishments tend to close earlier. By allowing guests to enjoy a meal later into the night, Universal Orlando can offer visitors a more convenient and flexible dining experience.

2. Accept Reservations:

Mythos at Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Universal Orlando Resort (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Disney World has long embraced the convenience of restaurant reservations, allowing guests to plan their meals and minimize wait times. Universal Orlando can follow suit by implementing a reservation system for its popular dining locations. This would not only improve the dining experience but also give visitors more control over their schedules.

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3. Create Better Table Service:

One area where Disney World often outshines Universal Orlando is in table service dining. While both parks offer a variety of dining options, Disney’s table service restaurants tend to provide a more immersive and upscale experience. Universal Orlando can compete by investing in enhancing its table service dining, ensuring that guests have memorable and immersive meals in thematic settings.

4. Wider Variety of Menu Choices (Including Vegetarian):

Vegetarian Option at Three Broomsticks at Universal Orlando (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

Dietary preferences have evolved, and guests increasingly seek diverse menu options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. Universal Orlando can appeal to a broader audience by expanding its culinary offerings. By incorporating more dietary options into its menus, the park can cater to the needs of an ever-diverse visitor base.

5. Lay Off the Money Grabs:

Boardwalk Games at Springfield USA in Universal Studios Florida (Image: Dustin Fuhs)

While extra attractions and activities can be fun, Universal Orlando should be cautious about overwhelming visitors with money-grabbing opportunities. Carnival games, photopass stations, climbing walls, and face paint booths, while entertaining, should not overshadow the core experience of the park. Striking a balance between additional activities and the park’s main attractions can enhance the overall guest experience.

6. Immersion:

Universal Orlando has excelled at creating immersive experiences within its attractions and lands, but it can further elevate this concept in its dining areas. By designing restaurants that transport guests into the worlds of their favorite movies and characters, Universal can add an extra layer of magic to mealtime. Immersive dining environments can help visitors feel more connected to the park’s themes and stories.

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In conclusion, Universal Orlando Resort has made significant strides in becoming a formidable rival to Disney World, but there are still areas where it can improve to stay competitive. By focusing on extending restaurant hours, offering reservations, improving table service, diversifying menu choices, striking a balance with additional attractions, and enhancing immersion in dining areas, Universal Orlando can continue to evolve and provide guests with an unforgettable theme park experience. As competition in the industry remains fierce, these improvements can help Universal Orlando secure its place as a top-tier destination for theme park enthusiasts.

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