Top Items You Can Lose at Disney World

Losing something on your vacation could be the difference between having an incredible trip and a devastating time. My goal is to share a few of the things that I’ve “misplaced” while in Walt Disney World and what I did to fix it!


I was going to put specific items into this section, but let’s be honest…there are so many things that fall can under this category that pinpointing a single item would actually be counterproductive.

Just know ahead of time that you’ll do your best to keep things organized throughout your trip and then when you’re walking through the Magic Kingdom it’ll happen. You’ll look down and in your pocket will be your FuelRod with NO USB to Lightning cable..because it’s on your bed at the hotel!

What have I lost?

  • Phone (Temporary) – While sitting on a couch at the Contemporary Resort, I was posting a photo on Instagram and then put my phone down to grab a drink of water. Because it was upside down, my Darkwing Duck phone case blended perfectly in the leather of the seat and I walked off. It only took a matter of minutes before I started to lose my mind and retrace my steps. Found it, but that was a stressful 5-minutes!
  • Camera – On the last day of my contract at Walt Disney World, I went on a photo spree and grabbed as many images to remember my time in the Disney Company as possible. From pics with friends and co-workers to my housing and costumes…everything was on the camera…that I left in the taxi before leaving to the airport after dropping off my company & housing ID cards. #HeartBroken

Other Things You Could Lose:

  • Cables
  • MagicBand
  • Chargers
  • Headphones

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Once again, this is a general category because there are hundreds of things that you could lose while on vacation, and sometimes you don’t even realize that it’s missing until you really need it!

  • When I’m in the parks, usually I’m incognito, so it’s a lot of hats and non-identifying shirts that allow me to blend in and just enjoy the experience. While on a solo-trip, I was doing a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and decided to single rider line Expedition Everest as many times as possible! Well after the 6th or 7th visit to the Yeti, I had forgotten to grab my favorite Team Canada hat from the pouch in the train…and that was the last time that I saw it:(
  • Socks – The number of times that I’ve been doing laundry at the resort and completely lost an item of clothing in the transfer from the washer to the dryer! So frustrating!!
  • Sunglasses – Just accept that you’re going to lose them. Bring a pair that you don’t mind forgetting in an UBER or under your hotel room table. It will happen and there’s no point in getting upset about it.


This has happened to me so many times that it’s just bordering on cliche. You need a specific email or didn’t screengrab an address or reservation…because you think it’s in your phone and you’re fine. Well if you’re not connected to wifi and on airplane mode because you didn’t want to spend $15 a day for roaming…and then you realize that you can’t remember a key part of your trip.

This usually happens while in a vehicle, like UBER or a Disney Bus. I don’t know that I’ve lost something that a wifi signal couldn’t help, but I know that I gained a few grey hairs from wifi issues!

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  1. Autograph Books & Pens
  2. Stuffed Animal
  3. Pins & Pin Backs
  4. Money
  5. Various Souvenirs (like Pressed Pennies, KidCot, etc)

Just going off the how to deal with the potential of losing someone in the park, read the article I wrote about Common Catastrophes on a Disney Vacation! It’ll help you prepare for things like losing track of your kids and how to find them.

Keep in mind that everything is replaceable and that it’s all about the memories! Even if you lose photos or your favorite piece of clothing…take a deep breath and you’ll be fine:)

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