5 Tips for Canadians Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

When I’m planning a Walt Disney World vacation, there are so many ways that the trip can go. From decisions about dining and Genie+ reservations to which park to go to on which day…but one thing will always be evident in the process = Canadians have different expectations and opportunities due to things out of our control.

Let’s talk about it!

5 Tips for Canadians Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World


The Canadian Dollar continues to dip and dive in value, which means that you’re going to be planning a trip in which your currency isn’t at par for the events and activities that you want to do.

We know that a vacation to Walt Disney World won’t be cheap, but if you can plan your purchases when the dollar isn’t at an all-time low…well you’re going to get more out of your exchange rate. This will be helpful when you’re buying things like:

  • Tickets
  • Hotels
  • Airfare


Every so often, you’ll find a Canadian Offer that will give you a discount on tickets in order to make the exchange rate a little more palatable. It’s important to know that these offers are available, because saving money on big purchases can give you that flexibility of getting both Blue AND Green Milk at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!


Travel days are difficult, but when you think about the end goal of walking down Main Street USA with Cinderella’s Castle in the background – you’ll work around it!

Do a search on Expedia to see if there are patterns with your airport and deals n discounts that could be secured with certain timeframes. Because Toronto and Vancouver will give you a different variety that flying out of Montreal or Kamloops…knowing the regular routes and times will help.

For example, my favourite flight out of Toronto is at 730am and gets us into MCO Orlando for 1035am! Yes, it’s early – but getting an UBER to the resort and stashing your luggage at the front desk and heading to a park OR to Disney Springs is a great way to start the day!

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Oh, so this is a huge tip! Bring a puffer jacket (collapsable and foldable), because once you’re on the plane…you won’t need your parka until you’re back in Canada. In fact, the first stop when you arrive at the MCO Orlando airport is probably into a store to pick up a GIANT back in order to stash your jacket.

It’s also integral to decide whether or not you’re doing laundry half-way through the trip. If you are, then you can pack 2x more shirts than pants/shorts because you really won’t need to worry.

The other packing tip is a biggie – rolling carry-on luggage will save your back AND allow you to play tetris when re-packing your souvenirs on the way home. I mention this because right before my last trip…the wheel on my luggage broke and I had to deal with a backpack and small duffle bag. Not only did I have to deal with space issues, but my poor back when we were walking through airports!


So, this is a tip that you should know before your trip…but it’s not a make-or-break issue when you’re prepared. Your Magic Bands won’t be mailed to your home prior to your trip (USA exclusive), which means that you’ll be picking them up at your hotel/resort upon arrival.

Why is this an issue? Well if you’re taking Magical Express to your Disney Resort, you may not have your Magic Band in order to scan for your reservation at the airport. Not a worry though – just make sure that you have your Magical Express Paperwork available OR on your phone. The cast members are really good at finding reservations!


Trip planning is exciting, but what happens when you need a little more specialized help from fans who are in the same boat?

You can find the podcasts like Pixie Dust Fan or We Like Theme Parks through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your pods!

Hope this was helpful! If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out via social media @stepstoMagic

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