Things That Make You Cry at Disney World

It happens to the best of the best, from catching a glimpse of something for the first time or hearing a piece of music being played in front of you when previously…you’ve only heard on YouTube. It usually starts out with a basic sniffle, then a wiping of your right eye (never your left – go figure) and then when you least expect it…you’re full on emotional.

This isn’t a bad thing AT ALL! There’s a huge amount of planning that goes into a vacation and when you’re in the middle of something that’s bringing together all the senses at the perfect time…you’re going to feel it.


Delta Flight via LGA (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

You will not be emotional the day before because of all the stress of packing and organizing, and you’ll definitely not be “happy” when you’re going through the airport. The real emotion comes when you’re sitting back (with your tray table up) and the plane engine goes from 0-400 mph before you know it.

I blame this one on the “change of altitude” šŸ˜‰


Orlando International Airport Terminal (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

I’m weird, but when I get off the monorail at MCO and see the EarPort & Universal Stores…I get a little choked up. I absolutely love that airport, but it’s knowing that you’re on the ground and ready for things to get fun! You’re officially on vacation when you see your first pair of mickey ears!

I blame this tear on the “change of weather and the heat of Florida


When you drive under the sign…it’s official! You’re home:)


You head back to your resort, get unpacked, grab some food and then you’re off to your first park of the day. Whether it’s the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, I’ve been known to spend a few minutes “taking photos” of the Walt Disney World Railroad Station or Spaceship Earth in order to hide my excitement!

No need to blame this on anything! You’re at Walt Disney World!:)


As you walk under the train tracks and onto Main Street USA…the turn comes and you can finally see Cinderella’s Castle right in front of you.

I blame this on “Disney Marketing



This is a two-fold experience, because fireworks at a Disney Park is a rite-of-passage (and will make you second guess your local fireworks for the rest of your life), but I’ve got a little history with this one. When I was working in the Canadian Pavilion, the fireworks were a staple for every closing shift that I had. We had actions that had to be accomplished before a certain part of the show, and we would be done everything just in time to play a little “duck duck dash” to get out of the crowds and to the buses.

The soundtrack for EPCOT Forever isn’t as good as Illuminations, but the fireworks are timed in order for you to know the sequence and the feeling you get at the end of the show will absolutely without fail bring you to tears. Don’t hide it! You’re not alone:)

I blame this on “someone stepped on my toe“…usually


When you’re trying to get around a huge crowd of people, usually at a park opening or closing…it’s called Duck Duck Dash. You duck to the right, then duck to the left before dashing ahead of everyone. Use it – you’ll thank me later!


You’re around a bunch of other families, waiting patiently of course, and then it’s your turn. Mickey turns around and he comes over with open arms and gives you that giant hug that only he can give you. There is NO WAY that this won’t make you feel amazing and will usually bring you to the height of emotion.

I blame this one on “Disney Air Conditioning” of course


Just expect that when you’re watching any of the Disney Nighttime Spectaculars that you’ll get all teary eyed. The joke around is that the Soundtrack has the perfect sequence of notes that ends on a harmony that was manufactured to bring folks to the height of emotion. Don’t fight it…

I blame this on “SCIENCE!”


Being happy is such an important part of life, and when you see your family having fun…it feels great! For me, I love seeing on-ride photos because they are perfectly placed to capture true emotion without hesitation. This is a part of the article that allows me to talk about the long-lasting parts of a vacation that will bring a smile to your face long after arriving home.

I blame this on having a heartšŸ˜‰ lol


This caught me off guard after our last trip, as I looked at my phone and realized that our next trip will be to Disneyland Resort or Disneyland Paris…so my account is currently missing our next dining reservation. Is this just me? Probably…but that’s because I’m such a planner.

I blame this on “a computer glitch

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This is a personal one and only really affects folks who have worked at Walt Disney World. The moment that you clock out for the last time and the screen pops up with Mickey…and he thanks you for Helping to Make The Magic.

I have a photo of this exact moment, but because it’s backstage I’m not going to share it on the website. All I know is that when I’m feeling a little nostalgic about my contract, I can scroll through my photos and it brings it all into perspective.

I blame this on a life-changing experience that I’ll never forget!

With so many things that make me cry during a trip to Walt Disney World, this is just a quick overview. Every guest gets something different from a vacation, so there’s never a right or wrong answer on this topic. It’s just a fun list to put together:)

Things That Make You Cry at Disney World
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