Highlights of Walt Disney Presents: One Man’s Dream

At one point in time, this exhibit was tucked away in a corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios which was off the beaten path and had to be a destination to be seen. Today, you literally have to walk past Walt Disney Presents One Man’s Dream to go to Toy Story Land!

Just a couple quick note before I start going through my highlights, because this is about setting expectations.

Displays and exhibitions change constantly within this space. Day to day and week to week, there’s no way to keep this up to date because it’s a show piece for everything that The Walt Disney Company is doing.

Also, with this article specifically….everything is behind glass, so please take the photos as a starting point and realize that when you’re looking at stuff in person – it’ll blow your mind!


From Main Street USA to Peter Pan’s Flight, the number of models that are available for guests to look at would make any Disney fan’s vacation!


Mouseketeer Display at One Man’s Dream (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

One of the exhibits that always makes me feel nostalgic is the original Mouseketeers costume and other show artifacts. This was a piece of tv history that was so instrumental to the original Disney brand that it’s just awesome to see in person!

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D23 is the fan division of the company that allows for direct conversations between the creators and the folks who love everything Disney. Just sayin…I want all the stuff in this display!


When the Art of Disney Animation closed to make way for Star Wars Launch Bay, we lost the ability to meet certain characters. Then there was a little construction and a meet & greet was established within Walt Disney Presents. From Star Lord & Groot to Monsters Inc, there’s nothing but potential with this space!

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From attractions to entire lands, the coming soon area brings you into the action by thinking long-term about things currently being constructed.

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Abraham Lincoln at One Man’s Dream (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

Going from the future to the past, there’s an actual audio-animatronic of Abraham Lincoln…without his skin! It’s so cool to see how these amazing machines are brought to life and what goes into the technology that guests don’t see.


Dumbo Ride Vehicle at One Man’s Dream (Image: Dustin Fuhs / StepstoMagic)

When you think about Disneyland, there are a number of attractions that come to mind. From Pirates of the Caribbean to it’s a Small World…but there’s only one elephant that makes you feel the childhood wonder that Dumbo can offer.

Coming around the corner and seeing the ride vehicle that has brought smiles to so many families is what this experience is all about!


Things change constantly, so just know that the display that you’re getting a photo of may never be seen again! Take your time and don’t rush:)

Walt Disney was a visionary. From theme parks to movies and entertainment as a whole, this one man brought the idea of dreams and magic into our lives.

Seeing something like his office, multi-pane camera or anything from his era…it’s all part of the reason why this exhibition is a must-see at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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