Editorial Standards and Guidelines


It should go without saying that all editors at StepstoMagic.com will respect and follow all embargoed news that hits our inboxes. However, let it be stated that we’ll respect any embargoes, as long as the product isn’t already legally available on the marketplace. (Read: if your review embargo is for noon on the Tuesday release date, the product is already available prior to that, so we will post our review if we have one).

Reporting for Accuracy

We aim to have all news reported with 100% accuracy using only quality sources (chosen by our editors and approved by our EIC) and press releases. If you notice any inaccuracies when reading news posts here at Steps to Magic, please let us know in the comments of that article so that we can fix the issue ASAP.


When using sources that wish to remain anonymous, the source must be vetted and approved by our EIC before the information is published. For external sources, StepstoMagic.com has an approved list of websites created by our EIC (that are proven sources) for our editors to use in their news posts.

How We Choose Our Team

Steps to Magic is an equal opportunity employer who accepts all walks of life and encourages individuality. We’re proud to support the LGBTQ+ community, and we do not discriminate against any applicants based on race, gender, religion, or physical characteristics. Our writing team is found through ad placements on various job boards around the web, and applicants are combed through by our EIC. The majority of our team is paid per article (with a pageview bonus). Commerce writers are paid per article with an affiliate percentage

What We Expect from Our Team

Although most of our writers are freelancers, we expect them to uphold what we call Decent Human Being standards. Basically, we won’t tolerate any sort of hate speech towards a specific race, gender, religion, or any other group of peoples. A writer’s social media channels should remain respectful and exemplify what a decent human being should be.

All About Reviews

We take things surrounding reviews pretty seriously here. First, and foremost, we will not now nor will we ever accept any form of compensation for our reviews. Our goal here is to always give 100% honest reviews for all hotels, events, travel, and products found on this site. Ad buys and editorial decisions are made independently by two separate parties and are in no way influenced by one another. We are not here to “make nice” with publishers and PR companies so that we continue to get review codes. Again, we’re here to provide honest reviews to our readers. Secondly, all reviews are personally assigned by the owners of this site based on review experience, and we place a high level of importance on having only experienced reviewers writing our reviews.

The Cost of Reviews and Coverage

The vast majority of our video game reviews are from review copies provided by a developer, publisher, or a PR company. We always denote in our reviews (at the top) if the review copy was provided to us. The same goes for product reviews; the majority of product reviews featured on this site are based on review units sent to us by a company for testing purposes. As far as movie reviews and TV reviews are concerned, we sometimes have access to review screeners/movie screenings, which we will always note in the review, itself. For review events and preview events, we will not accept travel or accommodation. If we attend an event, travel arrangements will be paid for by StepstoMagic.com

How We Handle Sponsored Posts

On occasion, StepstoMagic.com will post Sponsored Posts to our site. These posts are paid for by advertisers to put in front of our audience. With these, there are some important things to note. First, all sponsored posts are clearly marked as such in the dek and at the top of each post. Secondly, we only feature brands that are actually relevant to our audience. All links included in these posts are nofollow links; we do not sell dofollow links here at Steps to Magic (so, please stop asking).

Affiliate Disclosures

Steps to Magic may post products with links to our retail partners. When clicking these links and making a purchase, we may get a small percentage of the sale. Products are chosen by our editors, and we have no relationships with these retailers. Our retail partners include Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareaSale (Merchoid, Fun.com, MunchPak, and more), and other various affiliate programs