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Top 10 Disney World Trash Cans

Disney World is a place filled with details that you may not notice at first glance. In fact, some of the best hidden gems on property are things that someone has to point out as you’re walking by.
This is one of those topics.

When Walt Disney was going through the planning stages of Disneyland, he noticed something odd. Folks don’t like to hold on to trash when they are finished with it. When you look throughout the Disney Parks, you’ll actually find that trash cans are within 30 steps of another. Talk about a true Disney Detail!

Now because each land is themed to a specific timeframe or location, the cans themselves are actually part of that theme. Imagineers actually put a lot of thought into the style and concept within this basic element.

Here are the Top 10 Disney World Trash Cans


First off, I’m a huge fan of anything Muppets…so that’s why this trash can made it onto the list. How it stays on the list is because of the phrase “Clean it up! Your ma don’t work here.”


When I see the area around Expedition Everest, the logo on the trash can is very interesting. It’s a mix between a traditional piece of art from the Himalayas and something you may actually see when you’re in base camp before heading on your adventure. I know that when this trash can comes into view…the Yeti is not far behind!

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Talk about Imagineering at it’s best! This trash can is such an awesome piece of the storyline that surrounds the Tower of Terror. From the fact that the outside of the hotel is dilapidated and run down, to the time that an artist would have had to spend to make this single basic theme park element into something that I took a photo of…just wow!

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I love the playfulness of the trash cans in Toy Story Land! The color palette is perfect for the land, which revolves around the belief that people are shrunk down to the size of toys…and the playful elements mix into a unique piece of Pixar.

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When I see this trash can, I’ll always remember my dinner at Victoria & Alberts. When you go to the Grand Floridian, you’re taken to a timeframe of class and elegance…which extends to something as simple as a waste basket. I love the wood exterior, the color of the logo and the style that it portrays to guests!

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When you step foot into Pandora: The World of Avatar…you’re no longer in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This starts with the nametags of the cast and trickles down to the signage and the trash cans. To have something branded as ACE in a Disney Park is just an added element of the Disney Difference that is missing in a lot of the parks today.

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From the outside, it looks as though the trash cans near the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train are hiding in plain sight due to the wood panelling. HOWEVER…that is just a facade! The wood is actually metal, which gives it incredible durability when you look at the weather and the number of strollers that are bound to smack into them. Any time that a trash can blends in with the surroundings that you actually have to do a second-take…it’s a good design!
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This is an interesting style because it mimics the area perfectly! I love that the Imagineers added the unique top, and that it’s not too bold of a color that it stands out too much. Probably one of the best themed trash cans in Disney World!


Ok, so this is an obvious one. My first contract was in the Canadian Pavilion, and so anytime that I see this trash can with that ‘World Showcase’ metal decal on the side….I’m home:)

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Before we get to my Number One, I have to discuss the elephant in the room. It wouldn’t be a list without mentioning ‘PUSH The Trashcan”! I had a great time interacting with PUSH when I was a cast member. The personality was infectious, where he could go from chatting with a child to making fun of an adult who had on Mickey Ears to even being a part of epic (YouTube) motion pictures that always bring a smile to my face! I miss that Trash Can, and I know I’m not alone:)


And Finally….MY NUMBER ONE TRASH CAN! It may have been surprising at first, but this brings a level of guest interaction into role that doesn’t usually get to Pin Trade or be a part of creating memories. I’m a huge fan of this! PLUS the cast member that we encountered was having a great time with it, so that’s just another reason why trash cans can actually make a vacation memorable!

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Well, that’s my list! I hope that you all enjoyed this incredibly pointless (yet epic) look at a hidden gem that you may not have noticed before:)

Top 10 Disney World Trash Cans – #StepstoMagic
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