The Disney Walls of Instagram

When you’re visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, there are a number of backdrops that you should try to get in front for a photograph. Outside of Cinderella’s Castle and the countless attractions and selfie opportunities, we’re talking about the infamous “Disney Walls of Instagram”. 


Located between the Tomorrowland Terrace and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland, you’re bound to walk right past this wall…unless there’s a Photopass Photographer already set up. Disney’s capitalized on this by making official merchandise (like a hat) which had “Purple Wall” on the front. 


This wall is found directly beside the entrance to Coral Reef Restaurant. As EPCOT is home to a number of memorable walls, you should definitely have a ton of social media fun! From the Blueberry Wall to the Bubblegum Wall, just make sure to have a checklist before you head out. 

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios is getting more and more “photogenic” as the transformation continues in the theme park formerly known as MGM Studios. The most “famous” wall is actually in the exit queue line at Toy Story Mania, around the Barrel of Monkeys – the Popsicle Stick Wall will be on your left hand side. 


I love this wall!

First off, the wall is right outside of one of my favorite stores in Walt Disney World….Windtraders in Pandora: The World of Avatar. It’s home to the original Banshee roost and within steps of the Night Blossom drink

Secondly, it’s always fun to explore the area that the Imagineers have put so much effort into. Anyone can get a pic with the Floating Mountains, but it takes a real fan to know where the Moss Wall is! 

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  • Candy Stripe Wall @ The Main Street Confectionery 
  • Floral Design Wall @ Tangled Restrooms in Fantasyland
  • Mosaic Walls @ Entrance to The Land in EPCOT
  • Building Block Wall @ Washroom water fountains in Toy Story Land
  • Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom 

Stay Tuned for the Next Wall 

With the wall trend being strong within the Disney Parks, you’re going to be seeing more and more of these social media walls showing up. Just play the game and enjoy! 

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