The 5-Second Disney Day Checklist

A day at a Walt Disney World theme park is stressful, with crowds and constantly changing environments that will impact your “perfectly planned” vacation. The only thing worse than not getting to fulfill your dream day is to start out with forgetting something in your hotel room!

This is something that Jill and I do before each and every time that we leave our home, be it our actual home OR a hotel room while on vacation. It’s easy and works!

The 5-Second Disney Day Checklist

What are the things that you can’t be without? Put a list together and as you’re walking out the door…double check! For a day at Disney, it ranges from 4-6 items. Here’s the list!

  1. Phone
  2. Wallet
  3. Charger / Cables
  4. Magicband (Room Keys)

Each of these items have a reason why they are important and integral to a day.

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Here’s the Deep Dive into the essentials


Can you go without your phone for a day? I actually use my phone for more than social media and email. It’s usually my primary camera in the parks, as I’ve given up lugging around a DSLR in recent trips. In fact, most times I’m found with two iPhones in order to double my productivity and storage space.


This includes ID, cash and cards.


We go through so much power while utilizing our technology that it’s almost impossible to have a full day without having to recharge our phones. Imagine reaching into your backpack to find your Fuelrod in the pouch and NOT having a cable? It’s happened more than I’d like to admit :$


Until we get to a point where we all have bluetooth chips in our fingertips, we’ll need a way to get into our living spaces. With Disney putting so much emphasis on the integration of MagicBands into your vacation, gotta make sure that you’re actually wearing it AND that it’s not hanging out on your bed while you’re in an UBER heading to the Magic Kingdom.

Yes, it’s happened. It wasn’t cool.

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Other Items that you can add to the 5-second checklist

  • Pins for trading
  • Weather items (umbrella, poncho, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • Water bottle


We all have the potential to forget something in the hotel room. It’s not an age or gender thing…it’s actually more about the excitement level of being within a short trip of something that has been planned for a long time. Be aware of this while getting ready the night before! 6am comes early when you’re trying to get to Rope Drop!

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