Worst Disney World Advice

Transportation Card
Transportation Card

If you’ve ever spent time on a Walt Disney World bus, you’ll know the feeling of overhearing a conversation between family members that actually will make you cringe.

Usually it begins with “Well I heard….” and ends with a giant face-palm from my direction.

Here are the worst pieces of advice that I’ve had suggested to me on a Disney bus

“Don’t buy tickets online”

This is a false statement that is incredibly old-fashioned, usually stated by folks who still have a flip-phone. Technology has become so integrated with a trip to Orlando that we’re more trusting of an online source than an in-person transaction, in fact…I can’t remember the last time that I actually bought a physical ticket to anything (outside of a movie).

How to protect yourself? Buy from an official source, like or

“Take a taxi”

Really? If you want to just throw away all that time that you spent saving up for your vacation on an outdated form of transportation…then go ahead. No judgement on this end (ok, kinda judgement)

The number of times that I’ve been ripped off from taxi’s in Orlando would actually shock you. It once cost us $20 to get from the taxi stand to the end of the parking lot at the Orlando Premium Outlets before we said “this is a scam, so you can let us out here” and we promptly called the cops.

Download Uber or Lyft to your phone and you’ll get where you need to go without being scammed.

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“Park at Disney Springs to avoid paying at the theme parks”

The direct service from Disney Springs to the theme parks start at 4pm. If you’re thinking about saving money, you’ll need to do the following transfers:

  • Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom (via Contemporary Resort)
  • Disney Springs to EPCOT (via Beach Club Resort)
  • Disney Springs to Hollywood Studios (via Boardwalk Resort)
  • Disney Springs to Animal Kingdom (via Animal Kingdom Lodge)

It’s all about the exchange of time for money…because it sometimes backfires when you miss a bus transfer.

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“I saw a reservation time available to Cinderella’s Royal Table, but who makes reservations anymore?”

False false false false. If you find a reservation for a restaurant that you want to eat at, it’s important that you get it. The reservation itself doesn’t cost you anything except for a $10 deposit on the credit card attached to your My Disney Experience account to guarantee that you’re going to be at the location to eat at the time you’ve reserved. That deposit doesn’t actually come into effect unless you don’t cancel the reservation before 24-hours out and you no-show. Outside of that, you’re free to make and cancel reservations to your hearts content.

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“My kids want to buy it…

Ok, let’s be smart about this. Kids are going to want everything at Disney!

How do I know this? Because I WANT EVERYTHING AT DISNEY;)

Knowing this in advance is important, as you can combat the sticker shock of certain items (like the Mist Spray Bottles at $20 each) by purchasing them in advance at the Dollar Store and stashing them in your bag so when the inevitable happens and your kids want it…you can surprise them and it’ll save you a ton of cash!

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“We’ve never been to the Magic Kingdom before so I printed this itinerary off the internet for us to follow”

This is a huge mistake, as a theme park experience should be natural and fluid. An itinerary is too “cruise-like”, which suggests that there’s little time for wiggle-room. Granted, there are fixed times for certain elements of the trip (FastPass+, ADRs, etc), but giving someone who’s never been to the parks an itinerary takes away the wide-eyed wonder that we should have walking into the most magical place on earth.

Oh, and don’t listen to everything that you find online. I’ve been creating touring plans for folks since working at the parks in 2007 and I still treat each person as an individual! We have unique tastes, different favorite movies and we all are going to WDW for a different reason. These factors (and more) go into a well-executed plan…and you can’t find a “one-size fits all” plan.

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“Oh, we’re not doing that ride because….”

This is a huge mistake for most families, as they assume that if one person can’t experience the attraction…that everyone can’t go. Disney has gone through a number of changes throughout the years to adapt to the factors that may impact a guest’s time in their theme parks. These include (but not limited to):

  • Child Swap at Attractions
  • Split FastPass+ Reservations for individuals in a group (ie one for Expedition Everest and one for It’s Tough to be a Bug)
  • Accessible ride vehicles (full list )
  • Childcare Services to (in-room and childcare activity centers @ a number of Resorts)

And so much more! If you don’t think that you or a member of your group can ride an attraction, it’s important to ask for alternate options from cast members (either at the attraction, at your resort concierge or before hand through the My Disney Experience online website).

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“We were just going to wait in the stand-by line…”

Don’t do it! I’ve seen way too many people waste their entire vacation in lines and it’s not worth it. There are a few highlights in each park, so when you’re booking your trip to Walt Disney World, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the FastPass+ reservation system? Are you thinking about heading to an attraction that has a Single Rider line? Use it!

Always be knowledgeable about the ways that Disney has provided to save you from waiting in the Stand-by line!

“We’re going to spend the day at Disney Springs”

Disney Springs for a meal or for a few hours…sure! Disney Springs shouldn’t take the place of a day at the theme parks or water parks, and you don’t want to get through all the shops and restaurants and feel like you could have been at the Magic Kingdom instead:)

Well that’s our list. Any other fun tips or advice that you’ve overheard on a Disney bus? Let me know via social media!

Worst Disney World Advice
Worst Disney World Advice – Steps to Magic