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Top Ten On Ride Photos at Walt Disney World


Thinking about remembering your time on Rock N Rollercoaster, but can’t really do a selfie while going from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds? Well you’re in luck! Walt Disney World is full of attractions that offer on-ride photos that you’re able to post on all your social media accounts. Now here’s the question…what’s the best?

Top 10 On Ride Photos at Walt Disney World

The Top Ten On Ride Photos at Walt Disney World is a list focused on images that you are able to get through your MyDisneyExperience and PhotoPass accounts. In today’s selfie culture, it’s important to show what you’re doing every second of every minute…but sometimes you just can’t get your phone out. You may be going 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, or trying to get away from the Yeti… This list is for you!


Arguably the top rollercoaster on property, Expedition Everest provides you a thrilling adventure to the forbidden mountain before coming face to face with the Yeti. In the middle though, you have an encounter that will leave you with nightmares.

The Yeti ripping up the track just before your train starts to move…yea…there’s a reason why this on-ride photo is so memorable!


Mixing together a countdown, a limo and backstage passes…oh…and 0-57mph in 2.8 seconds. This is such a memorable photo for everyone involved, even if you’re scared out of your mind!


Those imagineers have done it again. Not only do you get a photo at the BEST POSSIBLE MOMENT, but they have provided you with the exact moment that your elevator drops into oblivion.


Iconic. Thrilling. Gonna get wet! Need I say more?


It’s all about staying focused. The photos from this attraction are usually really bad, but that’s because no one looks good when they’re trying to become a Galactic Hero!


Welcome to our little trans-dimensional joyride, folks! When thinking about adrenaline, this photo brings the element of a dinosaur together with strobe lights, special effects and trying to get everyone in your row to do a pose out of Home Alone.


Want to be a Crash Test Dummy? This photo gets you at the exact moment that your lifelong dream…stays a dream. This has always been a favourite for those who actually want a non-posed photo of pure joy and excitement.


With SDMT (welcome to Disney, the land of acronyms), you are able to see the future of Photopass and on-ride experiences.

You get a nice mix of photos AND video, so when you’re bragging to all your friends about how you only had to wait 5 minutes to ride because you booked your FP+ reservations 60 days out…this works!


Ok, so as a true Disney fanatic this is a little bit of a miss. Not because we don’t enjoy our photo on a rollercoaster. This is all about the location of the camera; it’s at the beginning!


This had to end up on the list because of the way that Imagineers have brought together technology and story-telling to provide guests with a more comprehensive experience.

Do you have a favorite on-ride photo opportunity that we should look for on our next trip to Walt Disney World?

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