How To Thank Cast Members


Disney Cast Members have the potential to make your vacation magical on so many levels, from providing extra attention during a situation to making your family members feel like they are stars within the story…it’s pretty amazing when you look at it from the outside.

Being a former Cast Member myself, my favorite memories usually included the opportunity to make a guest’s day in the park as memorable as possible. I had a role to play within the story of the park that I was working at that day. It was integral that I was able to separate the outside world from the conversation or guest interaction that I happened to be a part of…because the guest in front of me may have spent years saving up to be at Walt Disney World during that specific time.

That’s the way that Cast Members think – because we have to. 

CM’s have the ability to truly impact your experience, so here’s the question…how do you thank them?

Let’s look at the options that you have as a guest looking to recognize an individual.

You can say Thank You

This is pretty straight-forward, but saying those two simple words can actually make their day! Being a Canadian, I say ‘Thank You” almost as much as I say “Sorry”, but it’s something that you have to be cognizant of when something is happening in the moment. Recognizing good behaviour is actually a training technique that they utilizes to reinforce that Disney is Different!

You can Talk to a Guest Service Manager

Leaders in Disney World absolutely love to hear when something is going right! Most times, when a manager is doing their job in the parks, it’s in a response role…like when a ride is down and they need to be available to provide ‘Guest Recovery’ or ‘Guest Assistance’. Imagine expecting to hear something negative and completely out of left field, you provide feedback that a cast member truly made your vacation memorable by being attentive and providing amazing guest service. Yea, it would knock them back and would be a great way to start a conversation!

You can post it on Social Media

Believe it or not, Disney Cast Members spend a lot of time on Social Media looking for information. From operational issues to opportunities to interact with an individual guest, it’s an important form of communication in today’s theme park experience.

When you recognize a particular situation on social media, there’s a chance that the cast member will be recognized! Use the hashtag #CastCompliment and tag @WDWToday and there’s a better chance that this will happen:


You can ask for a Guest Service Fanatic card

These cards are the absolute best way to recognize an in-person interaction. You can ask a Guest Service Manager or stop by Guest Relations and ask for a card to fill out. The card is then passed through the line of succession…and eventually (after being signed by the managers) will be given directly to the Cast Member, usually during the morning meeting in front of all their peers. It’s a big deal!

The card is actually a two-page piece card, with the top piece being similar to tracing-paper. This allows the cast member to actually keep the bottom part and put the top part into a draw bucket Backstage for a chance to win prizes. It’s also a GREAT piece when they are looking for promotions and transfers, as every GSF card is recorded in their employment records.

I have a few of these cards from my contract and they still mean SO MUCH to me to this day!

You can call or email

Quite simply, you can put things into your own words and send it through once you get home. It’s still an impactful way to recognize something memorable.

Phone #: 407-824-4321

Email :

You can pre-design your own Thank You Cards

Hop on Pinterest and search for “Cast Member Thank You Cards” and you’ll discover a huge variety of pre-designed pdfs that you can print out prior to your trip and have them on you when it’s time to reward Disney Magic!

That’s the list of the ways that you can thank a Cast Member…but do you have any other ideas? Share them below and I’ll put them together for the next article!

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