Top 10 Jungle Cruise Puns


Let’s be honest…the Jungle Cruise is so much more than a boat ride. Each trip around the river is completely unique due to the personality and story-telling ability of the Skipper. Although the skippers are well-trained, the script is constantly evolving due to pop culture and various additions and subtractions to the attraction.

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Here’s my list of the Top Ten Best Jungle Cruise Puns!

  1. As guests are boarding the boat “Come on everyone let’s fill up all available space, load the boat up. That’s the best way to enjoy the Jungle Cruise, fully loaded…. WITH PEOPLE. Come on, this isn’t EPCOT!”
  2. “I’d like to point out some of my favorite plants here in the jungle.” points at various plants without saying a word
  3. Points to huge rock “This formation on the right is actually sandstone, most people take it for granite. It’s one of our boulder attractions here in the park.”
  4. “There are a couple of toucans, if we had another we would have a six pack!”
  5. “I love my job as a skipper. In fact, my parents are so proud…of…my brother….”
  6. Everyone watch out for Ginger. Ginger snaps. That’s right, she’s one TOUGH cookie. I know, I know…it’s a crumby joke, but I milk it for all I can!
  7. Their wingspan can grow from 12 inches to a whopping 1 foot!
  8. “Please watch your head when you leave the boat, and if you can’t watch your head, then watch your mouth. This is a family atmosphere.”
  9. Well folks, I hope you all enjoyed your trip around the jungle! I had such a good time that I’m going to do it again…and again…and again…every 15 minutes for the next 8 hours.

And finally

10. “If you enjoyed yourself, my name is Joe and this has been the world famous Jungle Cruise. If you didn’t then my name is Kevin and this has been the Haunted Mansion.”

What are you favorite jungle cruise jokes? Have you heard any better than those listed in our list?

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