Secret Entrances to Disney World Parks


You step off of the monorail at the Magic Kingdom station and walk down the hill with giddy anticipation, knowing that in just a matter of moments you’ll be surrounded by the pixie dust that you’ve read about…

and then you see the lines! 

Here are the Secret Entrances to Walt Disney World

Each park has something “secret” about their entrances, which we’ll be sharing here and will allow you to head start on having fun : )

What you need to know: Bag Check

Bag Check at EPCOT – Photo by Steps To Magic

Bag Check has been growing more and more efficient in its daily operations, but that doesn’t mean that it’s flawless yet. It’s one of the worst traps, and anyone who goes to the parks with me knows that I’ve got a method!

  1. Don’t follow the crowds – They’ll be clumping together in the middle. Do a fake to the right and then end up on the left.
  2. Each Security Guard has one table, in which you put your belongings up for them to inspect. What you need to do is know that guests can actually use BOTH SIDES of the table.
  3. Never pick the line with strollers, because the Security Guard will lose their momentum after having to search all the items.
  4. If you have bags, have everything unzipped prior and realize that the easier that you can make the process, the faster that everyone and you can get through the line.
  5. Remember that all’s fair in the bag check world. You don’t have to stand behind others when there are open lines. You may get some comments or dirty looks, but who really cares? You’re the expert in the area and it’s your responsibility to show them how it’s done 🙂

Secret Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

With the constant evaluation of the security practices at the Magic Kingdom, the best thing to do is to look where the crowds are going…and then go the other way.

WDW recently moved their security checkpoints to the Ticket and Transportation Center in accordance with the growth potential and risk assessments, so the Bag Check won’t be the issue. When you get off the Monorail or Boat, the goal is to look for the turnstile that has a giant  “Cast Member Entrance” sign, because this is the one that you’re going to use (unless it’s empty across the board).

The label is there because Cast Members are only able to utilize a single entrance when they are playing in the parks. This is where they will use their individual ID passes, or their Main Gate Entrance Passes for friends/family. This means that they are also experts in the field of “Not Standing in Lines” 😉

Secret Entrance at EPCOT

The Cast Member Entrance also exists at EPCOT, but there’s a second secret with my home park that I love to share. Did you know that they have a SECOND entrance?

At the back of the park, there’s a location known as the International Gateway. This is actually an entrance, which will gain you access to the Boardwalk Resorts (Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, Swan and Dolphin and the Boardwalk) in addition to a walking path to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I’ve never actually stood in a line at this entrance, so maybe doing the walk from DHS to EPCOT may be worth the 25-minutes of sightseeing and eating ice cream along the way…just to save yourself the stress of the main entrance of EPCOT.

Secret Entrance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The secondary entrance has been closed (for now), as the crowds just weren’t there for them to have another location, but there is a little bit of a secret available in case there are lines that you don’t want to stand in.

The first turnstiles on the left are used for the Play and Dine reservations, where guests are able to be at Hollywood & Vine for an 8 am reservation (typically before the park opens at 9 am). Keep an eye on this…..BECAUSE….

As soon as the park opens, the banner which states that the turnstiles are for Play and Dine reservations only is dropped and the line opens up for everyone. Everyone will be focused on the “already existing” lines, and you’ll be able to beat the lines 😉

Secret Entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is probably the easiest description possible:

  1. Walk to the Rainforest Cafe and go through the gift shop. Resist the urge to play with the cute and adorable plush toys….
  2. Directly outside of the bar area is a set of turnstiles, which will take you directly into the stream of folks who took the “amateur” way 😉 HAHA

We are huge fans of bringing together ideas and tips to make your trip to Central Florida as memorable and exciting as possible. Remember to keep an eye out on the website for more secrets and trip planning expertise that we can’t wait to share 🙂

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