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Ranking Magic Kingdom Dining


Every guest that goes to the Magic Kingdom has the same thought that we do….

I’m Hungry! Where should I eat?

If you’re planning your trip, it gives you a little extra time to have an idea into what you should avoid…but what about going back to that burning question? “Where should I eat?”

Here is my ranking (and thoughts) about the Magic Kingdom Dining Options

Here’s where I have to say that this list is 100% my opinions and let’s be honest…folks can have a great time at the worst restaurant and a completely miserable time at the best restaurant. We remember the individual aspects which stands out for us, be it quality of the food all the way to the way that our server greets us and refills our soda.

Please take this article as a starting point to your planning OR as another voice as you’re going through the process of booking your next ADR or thinking about where you could eat with your family. I’ve had awesome experiences at the Tomorrowland Terrace (for example) during times when it’s open, but can a seasonal restaurant rank at the same level as a location that’s open year round?

Whether it’s your budget or your time that’s limited…it’s always good to have a starting point.

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Best Table Service Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is…

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table – Copyright Disney

Each time that I try to convince myself that another castle is better (lookin at you Be Our Guest), my mind comes back to the feeling that you get when you walk up the spiral staircase and into the quaint dining area that is filled with pixie dust and dreams. Cheesy as that may sound, it’s honestly the most “Disney” experience that I’ve had while dining on property.

Best Quick Service Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is…

Be Our Guest (Lunch)

Be Our Guest – Copyright Disney

This is an easy sell, as you have the chance to eat in the Beast’s castle and have a magical experience. Whether you’re by yourself (as I’ve done a few times), with a family or with your significant other…it’s always a special experience. The food is high quality, as it’s the same kitchen that also supplies the table service style for dinner…with a reasonable price-point.

Worst Table Service Restaurant is…

Tony’s Town Square AND The Plaza

Main Street USA leaves a lot to be desired for table service quality. Both Tony’s and the Plaza are easily forgettable and when you look at the fact that you can use a Dining Plan credit at Be Our Guest or even Crystal Palace…it’s an easy “pass”

Worst Quick Service Restaurant Offering is…

Casey’s Corner AND Pinocchio Village Haus

When you think about the strides in Theme Park cuisine, these two locations have been significantly left behind. The “all-American hot dog” in Americana is likened to the styles that you find in a Major League Ballpark, with a theme and quality that is lacking with the dogs that you buy at Casey’s Also, the location leaves you feeling anxious and overwhelmed due to the proximity to guests coming and going through the Emporium and along the thorough-fare.

Pinocchio’s is a location that needs help! The menu is lacking in any sort of variety and the theme of the restaurant itself brings me to a time when we were supposed to get the Pinocchio Dark Ride from Disneyland…and instead we got the Village Haus. When I’m looking at a location to eat at the Magic Kingdom, the quality has to equal or exceed the standards and theming that Be Our Guest and Gaston’s Tavern have brought!

Let’s Rank the Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

  1. Cinderella’s Royal Table
  2. Be Our Guest (Dinner)
  3. Skipper Canteen
  4. Crystal Palace
  5. Liberty Tree Tavern
  6. The Plaza
  7. Tony’s Town Square

Ranking the Magic Kingdom Quick Service Locations

*Please Note* I’m looking at locations where we can get a full meal. There’s another list for snacks:)

  1. Be Our Guest (Lunch)
  2. Columbia Harbour House
  3. Pecos Bill’s
  4. Cosmic Rays
  5. Friar’s Nook
  6. Tomorrowland Terrace / Tortuga Tavern (Seasonal Offerings)
  7. Pinocchio’s Village Haus
  8. Casey’s Corner

Ranking the Snack / Light Meal Options at the Magic Kingdom

  1. Aloha Isle (Dole Whips)
  2. Gaston’s Tavern (LeFou’s Brew)
  3. Main Street Bakery (Starbucks)
  4. Sunshine Tree Terrace (Citrus Swirl)
  5. Plaza / Storybook Treats / Sleepy Hollow / Big Top Treats
  6. Friar’s Nook
  7. Cheshire Cafe
  8. Lunching Pad

What do you think about my choices? Is there something that I should consider on a future list? Let me know!

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