Fun Facts about the Hall of Presidents


All 44 U.S. Presidents on stage at The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom park

When you think about ‘Attention to Details’, the Magic Kingdom is definitely a spot where you want to pay extra time to see if you can find all the stories and insider tips. With today being President’s Day in the USA, it was a ton of fun to look at some of the lesser known #FunFacts about the home of one of the most patriotic experiences in Walt Disney World…the !

The attraction changes every time a new president is elected

After the inauguration, the Hall of Presidents undergoes a “re-imagining” in which the tone and message is updated with the addition of a new president. Adding a new role call, a new audio-animatronic and a new theme…it takes around six months to get up and running again.

The Great Seal of the United States is the only place to be displayed outside of the White House

The grand rotunda of The Hall of Presidents with a sign saying

It took an act of Congress to get approved, but the Hall of Presidents lobby is the only place outside of the White House that you can see the Great Seal of the United States. Well protected, it’s definitely something to see!

Presidential Wardrobe

The attention to detail goes down to the fabrics and stitches that were prevalent during the time that the President served in office. For the recent additions, the honour of being in enshrined in Liberty Square is such an honor that the audio-animatronics are actually wearing clothing donated by the individuals themselves.

Opening Day Attraction

1971 was an important year for the Walt Disney World Resort, as the Magic Kingdom opened to much fanfare and started the journey for folks like us…sharing the magic and falling for this amazing destination over and over again. The Hall of Presidents was actually there on opening day (October 1st, 1971), and so when you go back in time and look at how revolutionary this show was for the time…just wow!

Walk through the Lobby

With the attraction being shown every 23 minutes, there’s always a chance to walk through the lobby and check out some of the hidden gems from various presidents in the past. There’s Teddy G, Theodore Roosevelt’s teddy bear, beer mugs, golf clubs, dresses, and Lincoln’s hat!

Independence Hall Replica

The building itself was created as part of Liberty Square…an impressive land in the Magic Kingdom that actually has a story for each and every single building. The numbers on the side of the facades are actually the decades that the architecture was from. Independence Hall was used as the inspiration for the home of the Hall of Presidents, with the address being “1787”…the year that the U.S. Constitution was signed!


Not only is the theater home to 45 audio-animatronics…but it’s also air conditioned! We’re not saying that it’s not the best place in the Magic Kingdom to take a nap…but we’re also not saying that it’s never happened before;)

What do you think of our list? Is there anything that you’d like to share?

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