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Fun Facts about Expedition Everest


There’s nothing better than starting your day off with a face to face encounter with the Yeti!

If you’re ever spent time around the Asia part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the screams are constant. Seeing the trains climb the Forbidden Mountain…just to have a them careen down at an awesome speed is a spectator sport that anyone would enjoy!

Want to know more about ? We’ve got some fun about Disney’s resident Abominable Snowman that you may like!

Here are a few Fun Facts about Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest – Copyright Disney

General Stats

Area – Asia

Opening Date – April 7th, 2006

Attraction – Steel roller coaster

Vehicle Type – Train

Duration – 2:50

Drop – 80 feet (24 m)

Speed – 50 mph (80 km/h)

FastPass+ & Single Rider Available

Not Everest

Expedition Everest actually doesn’t take you to Mount Everest. The Imagineers have designed the attraction to bring guests to the “Forbidden Mountain”, a fictional location which is found in the same mountain range as Everest.


Although Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril in Disneyland Paris was the first attraction to run backwards, Everest was the first coaster that Disney produced that has the ability to switch between forward and backward motions during a single ride. The trackswitches weigh in at over 100 tons each and roll & lock in just under 6 seconds.

The Yeti’s Voice

When you come face to face with the legendary Yeti, he’s definitely not in a good mood! The man behind the myth is actually work-horse voice actor Fred Tatasciore! Fred’s also known for his additional theme park roles, including the safety narrator at Space Mountain and Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!

Not Cheap

Expedition Everest is listed in the 2011 book of Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world. As most costs with Disney include more than just a simple fabrication and installation, the total amount is reported to be US$100 Million over the six years of planning and construction.

The Yeti Problem

The unofficial nickname of the yeti audio-animatronic on the attraction is “Disco Yeti”, as for a number of years the creature has been in B-Mode (aka doesn’t move). Although not completely broken, there are necessary repairs which would allow the figure to return to it’s swooping glory but that requires a huge amount of effort and downtown. This is because the original figure was built simultaneously with the structure of the coaster and the structure of the mountain…so there’s no easy way to fix it!

The Imagineers now always plan for this issue when they are building a new attraction that involves an audio-animatronic!

Natural (kinda)

The final shape of the mountain was originally constructed out of clay. After the model was approved, it was carved into foam and had additional details added before being scanned into a digital copy. Those scans were used to size and shape the 25,000+ pieces of steel used for the mountain.


When you’re on the attraction, you may notice that you’re surrounded by a completely different landscape than that of the rest of the park. That’s because the horticulture department was incredibly busy! 910 bamboo trees of four species were planted, along with 250 specimens of 10 other trees, and 88,141 shrubs – 114 species in total!

Featured on the Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour

When you’re going through Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the 4-hour Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour, one of the destinations is Expedition Everest. Just like any other VIP Tour that is available at Walt Disney World, you’re accompanied by a Guest Relations Tour Guide, who will provide you with awesome insights into the “backstage” elements of the attraction!

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There are so many amazing facts and stories surrounding Expedition Everest and it’s rich history of how it was brought from a basic concept into the attraction that we see today. Are there any fun facts that you want to share? Share them with us on Social Media @StepsToMagic

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