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Where To Get Free Water at Disney World

Free Water at Gaston's Tavern
Free Water at Gaston's Tavern - Photo by Steps to Magic

Being in Florida, the Disney Parks can be incredibly hot at times and require additional planning to make sure that you’re a) not becoming dehydrated and b) not paying out the nose for bottled water.

Here’s where you can get water at Walt Disney World

First off, bottled water is available everywhere in the parks. Quick service restaurants, outdoor food carts (like popcorn and ice cream locations) and in retail shops. A regular bottle of Dasani water will run you $3, where SmartWater will run you an extra $1.50-$2 more! If you look at the cost of hydration, that’s a lot of cash going out of your pocket for something that you can get for free.

But let’s Talk about the FREE

Yes, Disney has a number of options that will allow you to get that high quality H2O and stop those annoying hydration headaches.

Water Fountains

Disney has installed fountains outside most restrooms, but here’s the catch…the water is rarely cold and the taste is a little “blah”. It feels like you’re drinking out of a fountain that’s been outside in the Florida heat a little bit too long. But don’t sweat, because some of the fountains are hidden gems of cold liquid gold…like the one in between Crystal Palace and the Emporium.

Now that we’ve got the no-brainer out of the way, let’s get to the real tips

Quick Service Restaurants

If you go to a food location that sells fountain drinks, you’re able to ask for an ice water. They’ll give you a small cup and you’re good to go. Easy right? Absolutely! This is by far the easiest and most valuable tip, as the mixture of Air Conditioning and Free Ice Water is a great combo.

Here are my top Quick service Restaurants to get Free Ice Water

  • Pizzafari @ Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Electric Umbrella @ EPCOT
  • Backlot Express @ Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Gaston’s Tavern @ Magic Kingdom

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Starbucks Locations

Did you know that you can go to a Starbucks location and ask for an ice water. Generally, they are going to provide you with a tall (small) cup with their triple-filtered water…but every so often they’ll ask you what size you’d like. Don’t go crazy, but if they offer…take this chance to rehydrate.

The BIG part about this tip is simple: You must stand in line like everyone else.

After you place your “order” at the register, the barista may just do your water to get you out the door quicker, but don’t be surprised if your H2O order goes in line with all the other drinks that have been ordered. Just soak up the Air conditioning and remember that you’re saving $3! 🙂

Did we get the list right? Do you have any other tips for getting Free Water at Disney?

Free Water at Disney World
Free Water at Disney World – @StepsToMagic