EPCOT Guest Mistakes


When you’re thinking about EPCOT, it’s important to respect the size of this park! It’s huge! Just to walk around the World Showcase lagoon is 1.3 miles!

Here are a few mistakes that folks may make at EPCOT

Please note – there’s no right or wrong way to have fun at Disney. You do you:)

Making the wrong FastPass+ Reservation

Soarin – Copyright Disney

EPCOT has a tier-ed system for their FastPass+ options. Your decisions should land between getting up early to make it for a rope-drop walk to Frozen Ever After and get a reservation for Soarin’, or do you get a Frozen reservation and try to pick up an “additional” FP+ choice later in the day.

The other thing to remember is that EPCOT is huge, so your reservations should reflect how much walking you want to do early in the morning.

Eating at the American Adventure

I’ve made this mistake and it’s something that I regret daily when thinking about articles and tips to share. The food at Liberty Inn (quick service location) is weak and shouldn’t be placed above locations like France or other awesome spots in the World Showcase to eat.

Standby Line at Test Track

Test Track – Copyright Disney

With Test Track being the only attraction in EPCOT with a Single Rider line, it’s important to not waste your time in a standby line when you have options. If you do choose to use the Single Rider line, you skip the interactive elements (unless you already have a car saved on your MagicBand from a previous visit).

Watching Illuminations from anywhere except Italy

Illuminations – Reflections of Earth – Copyright Disney

The Italy pavilion is perfect for the Illuminations nighttime spectacular, as there are limited obstructions in the way of seeing the fireworks and the fire barge. It’s also in the back of the park, so most of the guests are in more populated areas towards the front of World Showcase.

Not checking the Events/Festivals page before going

Food and Wine Festival – Copyright Disney

Flower & Garden and Food & Wine Festivals are some of the most popular events at Walt Disney World. Keep an eye out for these, as the crowds at EPCOT are growing to a level of being uncomfortable if you don’t know what you’re walking into. In addition to those big events, there are smaller festivals throughout the year, including the Festival of the Arts (January / February).

Thinking the Cast Members in the World Showcase are just regular Cast Members

The Disney International Program is such a great opportunity for folks from countries outside of the USA (like myself) where you can work at Walt Disney World and represent your country in a number of positions, including Food and Beverage, Attractions or Merchandise. Don’t waste an opportunity to reach out and talk to those who left their families and friends for a year adventure…because your conversations are what they like most about the job!

Oh, and definitely make jokes to the Canadians about how we all live in igloos and can’t go a day without going to Tim Hortons! The responses will just crack you up;)

Circle of Life

Circle of Life – Copyright Disney

Ranked consistently as one of the weakest attractions within Future World, it’s a mistake to actually waste your valuable time on it. Just go on YouTube and watch it…you’ll save yourself a half hour that you could spend at Club Cool!

BONUS….Buying Soda

Speaking of Club Cool, did you know that you can go to this CocaCola sponsored location and get free soda samples from all over the world? One of the hidden gems in Future World, it’s by far and away the best way to save your vacation dollars for more Dole Whips!

Are there any other mistakes that you think should be on the list? Share them below in the comments!

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