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Top 10 Candy Shops at Disney


I love candy!

Walking around Walt Disney World is an experience that will cause a little bit of an appetite, and you sometimes require a little extra boost to make your way from one Dole Whip to the next.

This is my list of the
Top 10 Candy Shops at Disney!

, Disney Springs

Candy Cauldron – Copyright Disney

The epitome of sweets is actually spread across Disney Springs…and our first stop is in the land of healthy snacks;) The Candy Cauldron brings a level of artistry to the classic candy apple that we don’t get to taste at our local fairgrounds. Cast members make magic with baked goods and fruits that are dipped and designed to portray our favorite characters. PLUS the store design actually allows guests to see the process from plain apples to decorated goodness!

Mickey’s EarPort,

Mickey’s Earport- Photo by Dustin Fuhs

The journey is almost as important as the end destination, and the EarPort is a stepping stone before you grab a rental car, uber or head to Disney’s Magical Express for your final 26 mile journey to Walt Disney World. I’ve been known to stop into the shop and grab a bag of candy for this trip…because it helps build excitement!

It’s also the last place I visit before heading to the departure gate for my trip home:(

Zuri’s Sweets Shop, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Zuri’s Sweet Shop – Copyright Disney

This location rose to fame in 2015 when the ‘Match the Species’ chocolates arrived on the scene…and quickly found their exit. In today’s version of the shop, you’re able to find cookies, cupcakes, candy apples and other fun animal-themed treats!


Karamell-Küche, in Epcot’s World Showcase

Werther’s caramel is a classic treat, so when you combine the smooth texture with everything from cupcakes to popcorn to strawberries…it’s awesome!

Personally, I have so much fun window-shopping and seeing the joy that folks get when they bite down on their first bite of fudge that you don’t even have to buy something to make it worthwhile!

, Magic Kingdom

Main Street Confectionery – Copyright Disney

I blame this one on the Imagineers! As you walk past the Confectionery, it’s actually a piece of Disney Magic which brings the smell of chocolate, candy and other baked goods into Main Street USA….and it works!!!

From cupcakes to cupcakes and more cupcakes, this shop actually plays into the story of a mid-western shop with the variety that’s provided. Fudge, chocolates, things dipped in chocolate and cotton candy are all amazing! I’ve always said that things are just better in the Magic Kingdom, so grab a sweet and wander to Cinderella’s Castle:)

Goofy’s Candy Co, Disney Springs

Even though you’re able to get the Goofy Candy Co. brand in gift shops throughout the resort, the O.G. (original Goof) is still worth spending some time wandering through. Bulk candy, powered candy treats, baked goods, dipped treats and so much more…just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

They also offer a separate business than their pre-packaged goods…the ‘Custom’ side of fun. You’re able to combine your fav “base” with toppings that speak to your sweet tooth! Crisped rice treats, apples, marshmallows or pretzels…all available to give you those awesome dreams!

Oh, and on top of that, you’re able to get to experience Goofy’s Glaciers. Think a mix of your local 7-Eleven and the Kwik-e-Mart….with a Disney spin.

, in Epcot’s World Showcase

Japan Pavilion – Copyright Disney

The World Showcase is a great spot for candy, so Mitsukoshi is no different. Botan Rice candy, gummy candies and a large variety of imported sweets are all on the list of things to try. You may be in a ‘department store’…but it’s so much more!

, in Epcot’s World Showcase

So, speaking from first hand experience…this is definitely worth the splurge! Chocolate bars, gummy candy and a good time with a few Canadian cast members talking about why there’s no Ketchup chips and how come Swedish Fish are sold in the Norway pavilion even though they are huge in the Candy-scene in the great white north!

, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Beverly Sunset – Copyright Disney

It’s not unheard of for the line of this shop to go out the door…but that’s a good thing! Villains inspired merchandise, handmade candy and ice cream are all in this “theatre” on Sunset Boulevard.

Disney Resort Gift Shops

Panchitos – Copyright Disney

There’s nothing better than stopping into the gift shop before heading on the Magical Express to Orlando International Airport…because Goofy’s Candy Co has a line of sweets that you’ll be able to enjoy as you’re re-introducing yourself to normal life!

This may just be a basic overview, but there’s always more food locations opening up! If you find something that you think should be on the list, let me know;)

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