45 Videos to Celebrate Magic Kingdom’s 45th Birthday


The Magic Kingdom opened it’s doors on October 1st, 1971. The best way to celebrate any anniversary within the Disney Parks is to do a countdown! Here’s a collection of 45 videos on YouTube that will allow you the opportunity to participate in the celebration if you’re not in Walt Disney World this weekend!

45 Videos to Watch on YouTube

1. 1971 Home Video of the Magic Kingdom

2. Another Restored Home Video from 1971

3. Magic Kingdom Construction

4. The Making of Walt Disney World

5. The Making of Disney World Part 2

6. Magic Kingdom Opening Day with Julie Andrews

7. Magic Kingdom and Contemporary Hotel Construction

8. The Florida Project


Second Section: NightTime

9. Wishes


11. Main Street Electrical Parade

12. Spectromagic

13. Night Tour of the Magic Kingdom

14. 40th Anniversary Ceremony

15. Happy 25th Anniversary!


Attractions and Other Fun Videos

16. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Construction

17. Tilt Shift Magic Kingdom

18. Unwrapped: Disney World

19. The Walt Disney Documentary – Walt Disney World

20. Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

21. Disney on Parade

22. The Magic of Walt Disney World

23. The Mousketeers at Walt Disney World

24. Walt Disney World’s 15th Birthday Celebration

25. 20th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney World

26. 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World

27. Full House at Walt Disney World

28 – Thunder in Paradise Filming in Walt Disney World

29 – Must Do Disney with Stacey!

30 – Magic Kingdom Entrance Music Loop

31 – POV

32 – Magic Kingdom with Tim Tracker

33 – Festival of Fantasy Parade

34 – Mickey’s Debut at Town Square Theatre

35- Pirate and Princess Party @ MK

36 – Final Show of Dream Along with Mickey

37 – Space Mountain POV

38 – An Ode to Disney

39 – Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

40 – Things that Make you Smile @ Magic Kingdom

41 – The Magic of Christmas at Walt Disney World

42 – The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Game

43- Walt Disney’s Behind the Magic of our Steam Trains Tour

44. Disney Parks: The Secrets, Stories and Magic

45. Tour inside of Cinderella’s Castle Suite.

And Finally….our bonus video….

The Grand Opening Parade for the Magic Kingdom Park in 1971!

We hope that you have enjoyed this post of 45 videos to watch when you’re celebrating the 45th Birthday of the Magic Kingdom and the Walt Disney World Resort!

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