10 Awesome Disney YouTube Channels to Fuel your Addiction


I’m a huge fan of having something playing in the background to inspire my work on the website. My favourite resource is YouTube! This platform has built up an incredible library of amazing content. Those of us who may not be able to be at a Disney Park daily often overlook the awesome stuff found on YouTube to supplement their daily dose of Orlando (MCO) Theme Parks! Below are ten to get you started!

1. Disney Parks Blog

The official Disney Parks channel is all over the place, in a great way! The curator of this channel has an eye for keeping the subscribers wanting more, and has provided an admirable amount of synergy within such a huge organization. They have a series that actually shows you how to decorate Candy Apples!!!

2. The Tim Tracker

Tim and Jenn Tracker (aka The Trackers) are based in Florida and are huge theme park fans. They share their passion for the Universal Parks, Disney Parks and the entire industry in their daily vlogs. And let’s be honest…the jealousy for Tim’s magical moustache is always there because seriously – just wow!

3. FreshBakedDisney

Will the real Muffins amongst us please stand up:) Yes, the group traditionally focuses on the Disneyland Resort, although they’ve recently got a correspondent in WDW to help with content from out here. Overall, the FBD videos make their viewers feel like they’re part of the family…and that’s a huge compliment for a channel that’s been around since 2012!

4. Jones Family Travels

One of my favorite up-and-coming vlogs about Family Travel, this channel have gotten HUGE in a short time! Jones Family Travels brings you all over the world, from cruises to Walt Disney World, Adventures by Disney and so many more places! They have soared to 25k subscribers already!

5. TheDailyWoo

Adam the Woo’s second channel daily vlog channel is an inspiring journey of a guy who’s trying to make his impact on the world in his own way…and he’s doing a GREAT job of it! His humor isn’t for everyone, but he’s got a way with vocabulary and his storytelling ability is contagious and will definitely make you fall down the rabbit hole into his earlier videos.

ATW has recently ended his “daily” vlogs, but that doesn’t mean that his channel is gone. It just means that he’ll be producing more creatively challenging videos on his main channel. He hit 5 YEARS of daily uploads, so plenty of content to explore!

6. Attractions Magazine

The entire team over at Attractions Magazine are passionate about the theme parks in Florida. Recently, they’ve started to venture out to a lot more around the amusement industry outside of the US.

(PS I was at that Press Event for Toy Story Midway Mania and it was AWESOME!)

7. Oh My Disney

An official Disney YouTube channel, this brings you a nice mix of music, Top 10 lists and behind the scenes, interviews & fun facts to your playlist.

8. Disney College Program

Thinking about getting into the “bubble”? Well, there are a few channels that the individual business sections of TWDC have put out there. The first is the Disney College Program channel, which is actually a fairly solid representation how things work within the company. Videos average 1-2 minutes, so it’s not a bad investment of time.

9. Screen Junkies

Ok, so this isn’t a 100% Disney channel. However, they bring a lot of Disney company topics to the table in the Movie Fights show!


The great thing about YouTube is that there are constantly new channels to explore! With our Number 10…I want to give a few shout-outs to a few channels that are kicking butt! Disney on Broadway, Brian Hull and Defunctland are all on my regular playlist, with added fun from Danny Duncan and ResortTV1! Keep an eye out for more awesome Daily Vloggers…and you never know…maybe I’ll be joining the game soon! 🙂

Do you have a YouTube Channel to share? Let us know on Social Media and we’ll be sure to share them with everyone! @StepsToMagic

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